Exploring Ottawa’s Busiest Streets: Top Places for Towing Calls in the City

Exploring Ottawa's Busiest Streets: Top Places for Towing Calls in the City Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is known for its beautiful architecture, rich history, and vibrant urban life. Along with its many attractions, certain streets in the city tend to see more towing calls than others due to heavy traffic, construction, or other unique characteristics. Let’s explore some of these notorious spots in Ottawa and understand why they’re considered towing hotspots.

The Notorious Towing Hotspots

A few streets and intersections in Ottawa seem to always have something happening, making them key areas for towing professionals. 1. Elgin Street Elegant yet bustling, Elgin Street is known for its vibrant nightlife and cultural attractions.
  • Heavy Traffic: Elgin’s popularity, especially during weekends, results in heavy traffic, increasing the likelihood of accidents or breakdowns.
  • Parking Woes: Limited parking combined with stringent rules means more parking violations and, therefore, towing calls.

2. Bank Street A significant north-south route, Bank Street is an essential commercial area but also a towing hotspot.
  • Shop & Stop: With numerous shops and eateries, many drivers park inappropriately, leading to potential towing situations.
  • Frequent Festivals: Various events held throughout the year can increase traffic congestion, with cars sometimes left behind after events conclude.

3. Rideau Street Linking Parliament Hill to Ottawa’s Rideau Canal, this historic street is always abuzz.
  • Construction Zones: Ongoing infrastructure projects can lead to confusing road changes, causing some drivers to park or drive where they shouldn’t.
  • Tourist Traffic: Being a popular spot for tourists, unfamiliarity with local rules often leads to towing situations.

4. Wellington Street Directly in front of Parliament Hill, it’s a street every Ottawa resident and visitor knows.
  • Political Rallies: Protests and events around Parliament Hill can create sudden influxes of vehicles and result in towing scenarios for those parked illegally or causing obstructions.
  • Government Buildings: With numerous government buildings around, parking regulations are strict and closely monitored.

5. Bronson Avenue An important arterial road, Bronson Avenue sees a mix of local and through traffic.
  • Accident Prone: This avenue has some tricky intersections and is often cited for fender benders or more serious accidents requiring towing services.
  • Narrow Lanes: Certain sections of Bronson are narrow, leading to vehicles getting side-swiped or damaged, necessitating a tow.

Understanding the Towing Surge in These Areas

Frequent Factors While the above streets are towing hotspots, it’s essential to understand why to navigate them better.
  • Construction Chaos: Ottawa, like many growing cities, is continually evolving. Construction zones can lead to temporary parking changes or restrictions.
  • Special Events: From festivals to political rallies, special events can congest streets, increasing the chance of towing scenarios.
  • Tourist Traffic: Tourists, unfamiliar with local roads and regulations, can inadvertently park or drive incorrectly.

Tips to Avoid the Tow in Ottawa

If you frequently navigate these streets, here are some pointers to avoid finding your vehicle on a tow truck.
  • Stay Updated: Watch out for signs or notifications about road work, closures, or special events that might impact parking.
  • Use Parking Apps: Leverage apps that show available parking spots, fees, and time limits.
  • Stay Alert: Always be aware of where you park, especially in busy zones. If in doubt, find another spot.

Conclusion: Navigating Ottawa’s Busy Streets
While Ottawa’s bustling streets contribute to the city’s charm, they also come with challenges. By understanding these towing hotspots and the reasons behind them, both residents and visitors can better navigate the capital city, ensuring their vehicle remains safely off the tow truck. Safe driving and happy exploring! Contact us

Preventative Maintenance To Avoid Breakdowns

Preventative Maintenance To Avoid Breakdowns Dealing with a vehicle breakdown is a dreadful situation that no one likes to find themselves involved in. Your vehicle may break down unexpectedly, causing panic and chaos. A vehicle breakdown can creep up out of nowhere and can spoil all your driving plans in a second. A major reason for most car breakdowns is that most vehicle owners forget about preventive maintenance, while some are unsure of what needs to be done to keep their vehicle in a decent condition. Therefore, the majority of these vehicle owners end up overlooking basic maintenance. Overlooking the basic maintenance of your vehicle may lead to a vehicle breakdown, especially when you least expect it. Most times, you may even end up waiting on the side of the road for help from a certified towing company. Also Read: Tips For Choosing The Right Towing Company In Ottawa However, you can avoid all this hassle by learning more about basic maintenance and taking preventive measures. These preventative measures will help you minimize the chances of a vehicle breakdown and potentially save you a lot of resources, such as your money and time. This blog post outlines some of the basic preventative maintenance measures you can take to avoid a vehicle breakdown.

Check The Battery

The first step of preventive maintenance is to check your battery. The majority of breakdowns happen due to the vehicle’s battery. Therefore, you should always check your battery before going out to save yourself from the hassle of a vehicle breakdown. Keep in mind that the batteries should be changed every 4-5 years. This will help you avoid jump-starting your battery whenever the weather gets cold. Moreover, when you closely inspect your battery, you may see corrosion on its terminals. Corrosion on your battery terminals is a serious issue, as it can cause the electrical connections to fail. This is also one of the main culprits of a vehicle breakdown. You can clean the corrosion off yourself, but it is always better to get help from a professional mechanic. If the build-up of the corrosion is not much, you can most likely clean it at home by yourself. However, in case there is a lot of corrosion, we highly recommend using the help of a certified mechanic. Regular inspection and cleaning of your battery terminals will ensure that the terminal and connections of your vehicle remain in good working condition. So, be sure to check your vehicle’s battery frequently to keep your car in good condition and avoid vehicle breakdowns. If you ever need battery replacement, certified towing companies like Ontario Towing can provide same-day battery replacement services. Wherever your vehicle is parked, you can get your battery replaced by us.

Check The Coolant Level

Another crucial step in preventative maintenance is to check your vehicle’s coolant level. Your engine will overheat if your vehicle’s coolant level is low; thus, often leading to a vehicle breakdown. Therefore, make sure to check your vehicle’s coolant levels often to maintain your car’s good condition.

Rust Prevention

Another critical step in preventative maintenance is rust prevention. It is important to keep your vehicle rust-free as rust can eat away the metal body of your vehicle and weaken your exhaust system mounts. To avoid rust on your vehicle, we highly recommend washing your vehicle regularly and keeping all the snow and salt off it.

Final Word

If your vehicle breaks down despite following the aforementioned steps, there is no need to worry. There are towing companies that will help you in such times. You can call a certified towing company to come and help get you and your vehicle back on the road.

About Ontario Towing

At Ontario Towing, We provide an extensive range of towing services, ranging from expert flatbed hauling to local and long-distance towing services throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas. We offer reliable tow trucks at affordable rates to ensure secure and satisfied towing and recovery services. We also offer reliable and expert roadside assistance services to our customers in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, and surrounding areas. We have the professionally trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver nothing but the best. Contact Us now to get the best and most reliable towing and roadside assistance services. Driving in Ottawa just got safer with Ontario Towing’s trusted services. Their newest initiative, Ottawa’s Roadside Assistance, promises even faster response times and specialized care, reaffirming their commitment to keeping Ottawa’s roads worry-free.

Flatbed Vs Wheel Lift Tow Trucks: What’s The Difference?

Flatbed Vs Wheel Lift Tow Trucks: What’s The Difference? Nobody ever plans to have a flat tire, overheated engine, or an accident but such is life. No matter how carefully you drive, accidents still happen and vehicles still break down. In cases like these, a tow truck can come to your rescue. They can tow your car or truck to the service shop or to a safe place. To do the job safely and correctly the towing company you hire should be experienced and have trained staff or they could end up doing more damage than good. Therefore, it is important to choose a good towing company to avoid further damage. While selecting a towing service you may also want to consider the type of truck you’d prefer to tow your vehicle. Ontario towing always uses the best option according to the situation you are in but having a know-how of the type of tow trucks commonly used will always benefit you in unprecedented situations. The blog below explains the differences between the two most popular types of towing trucks i.e flatbed tow truck and wheel lift tow truck.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

A popular type of tow truck used by almost all towing companies nowadays is a wheel lift tow truck. Modern wheel lift trucks have hydraulic booms with a crossbar at both ends. To tow a vehicle using it, the crossbars are placed either at the rear or front wheels. With the crossbars in place, the car is lifted so that only two wheels are in contact with the road. The choice of rear or front wheels being lifted depends on the vehicle’s transmission.


  • This type of tow truck costs less.
  • It fits into tight parking areas or narrow spaces.
This makes it the best choice for a broken car parallel parked inside a basement parking lot.


  • They can only be used for light vehicles like 2-wheel cars.
  • They can tow over short distances only.
  • Two-wheel towing can damage the rims of the tires in contact with the road.

Flatbed Tow Truck

Another popular type of tow truck is a flatbed tow truck. With this tow truck, a flat platform that can be moved to reach the ground is used. This feature makes it possible to drive or push the car into the platform. If the car is undrivable a winch system will be used. Once the car is placed on the flatbed area it is secured with straps or chains and the platform is again adjusted on the tow truck. This is where the main difference between wheel lift and flatbed towing is – vehicle protection. Flatbed towing is safer and the need to readjust the vehicle due to towing effects is less.


  • Once the car is secured on the truck bed the chances of any further damage decrease dramatically.
  • They are best for long-distance towing.
  • All four un-mobilized tires are better for vehicle transmission.
  • It can easily haul medium-size cars, SUVs, and other similar vehicles.


  • Flatbed trucks are enormous and cannot fit in narrow spaces like car parking lots.
  • Pulling the vehicle onto the flat deck can be a time consuming process.
  • Tow time dramatically increases if the vehicle is in high traffic locations due to truck size.

About Us

At Ontario Towing, We provide an extensive range of towing services, ranging from expert flatbed hauling to local and long-distance towing services throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas. We offer reliable tow trucks at affordable rates to ensure secure and satisfied towing and recovery services. We also offer reliable and expert roadside assistance services to our customers in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, and surrounding areas. We have the professionally trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver nothing but the best. Contact Us now to get the best and most reliable towing and roadside assistance services. Ontario Towing, based in Ottawa, delivers premium towing, car lockout, and expert roadside assistance. Their comprehensive services include mobile tire aid, gas delivery, flatbed and long-distance towing, covering Ottawa and nearby regions.

How To Tow A Car With Another Car

How To Tow A Car With Another Car Towing your car with another car is a far worse situation than waiting for a tow truck. Many people believe that it’s better to tow a car with a tow truck than with another car. But sometimes in life, there are scenarios in which you are stuck in a remote area and can’t get help from a tow truck company or your towing company is unable to track you down. In situations like these, you have to improvise and may have to tow your car with another car in order to get to a safe place. There are some things that you should know before attempting to tow your car with another car. Here are some of the things that you need to check:
  • Tow rating of your vehicle
  • If your vehicle has a tow hitch installed
  • Determine if the car you are towing has 2WD (2-wheel drive) or 4WD (4-wheel drive)
  • See if the vehicle you are towing is automatic or manual
  • Check if your vehicle is 2WD and if it is a front-wheel-drive (FWD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicle.
  • You can determine all of this by checking your car’s manual.
There are different methods you can use to tow a car with another car. In this blog post, we will discuss the different methods that can help you to tow a car with another car.

Few Simple Guidelines

So, before we jump into the details of different methods of towing a car with another car, there are a few simple guidelines that you should follow.
  • The most important thing is that the tow vehicle must be larger and heavier than the car being towed since the towing vehicle will require more braking and engine power in order to move and stop two cars.
  • Then the second step is to make sure that there is no one in the car being towed. As it is illegal as well as very unsafe for a passenger to be in a towed vehicle. This also applies to pets.
  • The next step is that you need to turn on the ignition of the vehicle being towed so that the steering wheel doesn’t lock up.
  • Lastly, if you are towing a vehicle at night, switch on the parking lights of the vehicle being towed so that motorists and other vehicles following can see it.
Now we will discuss the different methods you can use to tow a car with another car.

Tow The Car With A Chain

This is one of the methods you can use to tow a car with another car, but towing a car with a rope or chain should be your last resort and should only be done for short distances at low speeds and on local roads. You should never tow another car with a rope or chain on a highway. If you are going with this method, then it’s essential to know how to tow a car with a chain or rope. Never use an old rope or chain to tow a vehicle. Old ropes are thin and frayed and old chains can become cracked and rusty, they can easily snap under the stress of towing a vehicle and create a potentially dangerous situation. Make sure that the chain or rope you are using is neither too long nor too short as this can also cause problems while towing. Lastly remember that when towing a car with another car using chains and ropes don’t stop too quickly as the car being towed will be in neutral and will not be able to stop and will slam into the tow vehicle, causing damage to both cars.

Tow The Car With A Dolly

Using a tow dolly is a popular method to tow a car with another car, a tow dolly is like a small trailer. A tow dolly keeps the front tires of the towed vehicle off the ground helping to reduce the driveline wear on the car being towed. The key benefit of using a tow dolly to tow a car with another car is that it does not push the vehicle being towed into the tow vehicle when brakes are applied. These tow dollies are lightweight so you can easily rent them from a storage or moving facility. However, in any case, it is better to call a professional towing company to help you out rather than experimenting yourself as you might end up damaging both vehicles.

About Ontario Towing

Ontario Towing is known for its professionalism in providing the best roadside assistance services. We have experienced staff who work day and night to ensure customer safety and ease. For more information visit our website or contact us today. In Ottawa, Ontario Towing stands out with its premium towing, car lockout, and roadside aid. Their service palette, spanning mobile tire interventions to long-distance towing, comprehensively caters to Ottawa and its environs.

Safety Tips For Towing Your Vehicle

Safety Tips For Towing Your Vehicle Have you ever had your car breakdown in the middle of nowhere? In situations like these, your first natural instinct may be to try a bunch of different techniques like jump-starting the battery, checking the spark plugs and checking the battery connections. However, such actions seldom work especially if you don’t have prior experience. So the last option you are left with is to tow your car or get it towed from professional hauling service. Getting your car towed by an experienced tow truck company or pickup trailer is the safest option but if you find yourself stranded in a remote location where it is difficult to arrange a pickup trailer, you might end up having to take the services of an inexperienced company. Unusual incidents like this can happen at any time so it is best to be prepared. In this blog, we have discussed some pointers that can help you safely tow your vehicle.

Knowledge About Your Vehicle

Every job requires the use of certain tools and expertise for completion. Before you perform any towing task it is important that you read your car’s manual to check the tow rating of your car. Normally sport utility vehicles and large trailers have tow hitches pre-installed but unfortunately they are excluded in normal passenger cars. You should know whether the car you are towing is a two-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle and check its engine transmission.

Crucial Aspects You Should Consider

First, make sure your towing vehicle is big enough to tow the towing vehicle so that it can easily accelerate, decelerate and can perform engine brakes. Secondly, make sure nobody is sitting in the car that is being towed except for someone on the driver seat to position the car on the road and hit the brakes when needed. Shift the gear of the car being towed to neutral and turn on the ignition switch to prevent the auto-locking feature. If you are towing a vehicle at night or during hazy weather turn on the hazard lights of the car being hauled to alert other fellow drivers.

Towing A Car With A Tow Strap

This is not the safest method to pull a car to your desired destination. But you can use this method to cover short distances. Don’t use any old chain or weak rope for this purpose. Use a proper tow rope that has a length of at least 4-5 metres so that the car being tugged will have sufficient time to stop. Make sure that the tow strap is not delicate, old or damaged. If the strap is damaged it won’t be capable of bearing the load and may cause serious implications for others travelling on road. Most tow straps come with an (on tow) indication which needs to be displayed on the rear of the car.

Use Of Tow Dolly To Pull Vehicle

Various methods are used to tow the cars. One popular method is the use of a mini trailer-like structure called a tow dolly. In this method, the front wheels of the vehicle are elevated above the ground and are fixed on a dolly whereas the rear wheels are continuously in contact with the ground. Normally it is considered good for cars to have a front-wheel-drive option but effective transport depends on the weight, size and wheelbase of your car.

Utilizing Tow Bars

The most common method used to carry a vehicle is by using tow bars. There are two variations, RV mounted, which is a tow bar that is inserted into a trailer hitch, and A-frame trailer which connects to a trailer hitch via a coupler. A coupler fits safely and pivots on the tow vehicles’ tie ball to ensure safe connection.

Hiring A Tow Trailer

Pulling a vehicle requires certain skills and experience. Professional towing companies hire and train staff to prevent your car from being further damaged. So employing a towing trailer is by far the safest option to tow a car. The vehicle is overhauled inside the trailer and it is hooked.

Important Driving Tips

When on the road there are certain rules and restrictions you must follow. When towing a car you need to be even more attentive as a slight blunder can result in serious injury to others on the road. Drive slower as the additional pressure on your vehicle will curtail the braking system of your car. Avoid immediate braking when pulling a vehicle with your car. Keep an eye on the road and beware of other drivers and use proper turn signals. To ensure security check the quality of your tires before starting your journey.

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At Ontario Towing, we offer reliable and expert roadside assistance services to our customers in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information on our services. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario Towing stands out with its premium towing, car lockout, and expert roadside services. From mobile tire assistance to long-distance towing, they cater diligently to Ottawa and its neighboring locales.

5 Benefits Of A Professional Vehicle Scrap Service

5 Benefits Of A Professional Vehicle Scrap Service If you want to get rid of your old car that is turning into a corroded piece of metal, hiring a scrap vehicle service is the right solution for you. Having an old useless car is a drag on your finances and life, plus it takes up so much space which you can utilize for some other purpose. Therefore, it is more convenient, eco-friendly and cost effective to send your car to a vehicle scrap company. If you are thinking of how a scrap vehicle service can benefit you, read this blog. We have compiled a list of some of the top benefits of hiring a professional vehicle scrap company.

Trading Your Car For Cash

Many companies are looking to acquire old cars to recycle them into machine parts. They are willing to pay a good amount for those scrap pieces due to the current economic conditions. Who knew getting rid of junk could land you some money right?. Scrap vehicle companies, after evaluating your car, will instantly pay you.

Disposal Of Harmful Substances

A car has potentially hazardous chemicals in it that can be dangerous for you and the environment. This includes fluids such as brake oil, steering fluid, battery acid, and more. If you don’t dispose of them, it can lead to ground contamination and, sometimes, explosions. Therefore, getting rid of such materials from your garage is important to ensure the safety of your house.

Easy Process

You might think that the process of scrapping a vehicle is difficult and requires different steps. However, it’s pretty easy and convenient. A company with a scrap vehicle service comes to the location where the scrap vehicle is parked, estimates the metal and other things, pays you the amount, and leaves with your scrap vehicle.

Good For The Environment

In addition to you earning some money, properly disposing an old vehicle off is also environmentally friendly. Instead of letting the car rot in your garage or dumping it somewhere, you can send it to a scrap vehicle company. Such companies take out the useful parts and reuse the metal to manufacture other vehicles or consumer electronics. This can minimize the dump in landfills, creating a significantly positive effect on the environment. It can reduce the carbon emissions in the atmosphere caused due to the production of the car in metal industries. Moreover, it helps in saving about 85 million barrels of oil every year.

You Can Free Up Space

That car you don’t use anymore is taking up space in your garage is of no use. Getting a scrap vehicle service can help you get rid of it and free up some space where you can park new cars, create a storage space or simply leave it open.

How Can We Help?

At Ontario Towing, you will find easy and reliable scrap vehicle services. Regardless of your type of vehicle, we provide quick and easy pick up for them and are happy to help you scrap your vehicle. We are currently serving the residents of Ottawa and surrounding areas. So if you think we can be of any help, give us a call here. We would love to listen to your concerns and help you with your problem. Ontario Towing, stationed in Ottawa, offers premier towing, car lockout, and adept roadside aid. With a spectrum of services, including mobile tire attention and expansive towing routes, they’re a reliable choice for Ottawa and its outskirts.

Top 5 Things To Avoid While Waiting For Roadside Assistance

Top 5 Things To Avoid While Waiting For Roadside Assistance Driving to school, work, or any other place over a long distance during rush hour every day isn’t very thrilling. However, just when you think that things cannot get any worse, your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road. This can happen due to a number of different reasons, such as a flat tire, overheating, a dead battery, or even a minor accident. You must keep a few things in mind to ensure a stress-free and safe vehicle recovery while waiting for roadside assistance. First, you must immediately contact a local towing service provider or roadside assistance service if your car breaks down or you become involved in an accident. The towing company will tow your vehicle to a safe location or an auto shop so you can get it inspected and repaired. However, while you wait for your tow truck to arrive, you need to ensure your safety and everyone else’s. For that, we have enlisted the top five don’ts you must follow while waiting for a towing service.

Don’t Be Impatient

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you must not be impatient. Waiting for help can add to the stress of a broken-down car, but being impatient won’t do you any good – it might worsen the situation. Once you have contacted a towing company nearest to your location, all you need to do is trust their experience, knowledge, and professionalism in the field. Remaining calm is essential to effectively counter any difficult situation and keep stress at bay. The towing experts will know how to handle the situation even before they arrive. Listen to their instructions on the phone and do what they tell you. Following their advice and doing what they ask of you will help reduce the chances of any permanent and expensive damage to your vehicle.

Don’t Experiment On Your Own

Another mistake most people typically make is that they try to solve the issue on their own. You might be tempted to try and sort the problem to save money and avoid having to wait for help. This rush usually ends up with your car getting further damaged, making the situation even worse. Therefore, instead of trying your luck, you should contact a towing service and let their experts handle the problem. Avoid prolonging the recovery process and more challenges by calling the professionals as soon as possible. Even if you have successfully pulled through such a situation before, we recommend that you avoid solving it yourself and wait for roadside assistance. They are well-trained and well-equipped to do it efficiently. Waiting for towing professionals to arrive might be difficult, but it will avoid making problems worse and aid in rescuing you safely.

Don’t Block Traffic

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your vehicle is not blocking the flow of traffic while waiting for help to arrive. If you can manage, try to pull your car to the right side of the road. However, if your car breaks down abruptly you may find yourself in the middle of the road. In this case, try asking for help from bystanders. This will help ensure the smooth and uninterrupted flow of the traffic on the road or highway. Don’t try to stop every car that passes you because even if the driver is kind enough to stop and assist you, they probably lack resources. The lack of knowledge, experience, and the right tools won’t be of much help. This will only cause a disturbance and hinder traffic. Therefore, you must contact the best available towing company near you and wait for their towing experts to come and assist you.

About Ontario Towing

At Ontario Towing, we offer reliable and expert roadside assistance services to our customers in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information on our towing and other services. Based in Ottawa, Ontario Towing provides exceptional towing, efficient car lockout services, and expert roadside aid. Their extensive offerings, which include immediate tire solutions and far-reaching towing, mark their commitment to Ottawa and the surrounding regions.

Car Maintenance Tips After A Road Trip

Car Maintenance Tips After A Road Trip Long road trips are a staple of Canadian summers – where people can finally spend their holidays driving across the country under clear and bright skies. However, these long trips can cause extensive wear-and-tear on your car, leading to costly repairs and maintenance and shorter operating life. You can minimize the harmful effects a road trip has on your vehicle and prevent any situation requiring emergency roadside assistance by taking your car for a proper post-road trip inspection. To keep your vehicle in its best possible shape, you need to perform several tasks that go beyond the routine maintenance you offer your car. Here is a short checklist we have prepared for your car after a long summer road trip.

Clean The Interior

Road trips usually involve eating in the car most of the time, especially if you travel with kids who seem to want a snack every two to three hours. That means you’re going to end up with some stains and food crumbs in your car on your road trip, so you will need a vacuum to clean up the mess. Before vacuuming, don’t forget to take out larger items such as straws, wrappers, bottles, coins, and others. Once this is done, start vacuuming the seats and carpeting to remove dirt and dust – make sure to get every nook and cranny. Eating and drinking in your car means that you are bound to spill something on the floor or a seat, like bbq sauce, ketchup, coffee, or juice stains. Use the right cleaning products to wash off any stains from the car’s interior without damaging the polish.

Check Your Tire Treads

Once you reach home after a long journey, check your tires for any cracks and damages as they can suffer major wear-and-tear on the road, especially while driving on unpredictable terrain. Worn-out tires can also create traction and stability issues under extreme weather conditions. A low tire depth can minimize your tires’ safety and performance, so you might need to get them replaced. Apart from this, dust and dirt particles can get stuck on your tires markings resulting in a flat tire on your next drive. Therefore, you should wash your car’s tires using a designated cleaning product to prevent any wheel damage. Ensure that the air pressure level of your wheels is high when you get back home. If not, then take your car to an auto-shop immediately to avoid any punctures.

Oil Change & Refueling

The fuel level of your car can drastically change after a road trip, especially when you are carrying a lot of luggage inside the trunk because the wheels of a heavy vehicle use more fuel throughout the journey. You might need an oil change after your trip. Therefore, we recommend taking your car to a workshop where the mechanic can tell you whether your vehicle needs refueling and oil change. In case you are not planning to use your car for some time, add a fuel stabilizer to your tank to prevent corrosion while it sits in your shed or garage.

Top Off Your Fluids

People usually check their car’s fluid levels before going on a journey, but it’s good practice to check it afterward too. Ensure that your car’s fluids are not below the recommended level – these fluids include engine oil, coolant, oil, brake fluids, and windscreen wash. This can help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns in the future when you use your car.

Run A Diagnostic Check

Take your car to a mechanic to get a system diagnostic check-up done to determine any potential problems your vehicle may have after a long road trip. Diagnostic tests can reveal issues within your car’s engine, exhaust system, lights, brakes, and other major components, as well as performance issues with the ignition coils, fuel injector, and throttle, etc. – saving you expensive repairs in the long run.

Check Your Battery

Car batteries can be very unpredictable. Therefore you should take your car to an auto shop and check for any issues and ensure it won’t break down due to a dead battery. Most mechanics offer a battery test free of any charges, but you can also buy devices to test your car’s battery yourself. If you have not replaced your battery for some years, consider changing it, so you won’t have to face any problems the next time you use it.

Wash The Exterior

After cleaning the interior and completing all systems check-ups, it’s time to wash your car’s exterior. Much like before the trip, a car wash is important afterward too, to get rid of the dirt, mud, and dust on the exterior. If not removed immediately, it can ruin the paint and finish of your car. So, get that bucket of water and cleaning product ready, and use a sponge to wash off the grime. Only use those car cleaning products designated for your car to ensure that you are not damaging your vehicle’s paint. Start from the top down and go all the way to the underside of the vehicle. Make sure you remove all the dirt and grease thoroughly, protecting the car’s finish from scratches. Checking your car before a long drive is important. But checking it after a road trip is equally important. After a long journey, your vehicle is as drained as you are, so getting it checked, cleaned, and undergoing maintenance is necessary. Remember this short car maintenance checklist every time you return after a fun road trip.

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Ontario Towing offers reliable and expert roadside assistance services to its customers in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, and surrounding areas. For more information on our services, visit our website or contact us today. Ontario Towing offers top-notch, affordable towing and roadside assistance in Ottawa and beyond. With services from flatbed hauling to long-distance towing, we prioritize secure vehicle recovery and satisfaction throughout the nation’s capital region.

6 Reasons Why Your New Car Battery Keeps Dying

6 Reasons Why Your New Car Battery Keeps Dying If you leave your car sit for a few months it should come as no surprise that it may not turn on when you go to start it. This could be the result of a dead battery. However, you can still face the same issue even if you have a brand new car or you are driving your car regularly. Thus, you end up with no choice except to contact the nearest emergency roadside assistance company to solve the issue. The question arises what exactly might be causing your battery to die in the first place? There could be many reasons why your car battery is drained. You can contact local car boosting service providers for assistance. But knowing what exactly is causing the problem will help you avoid a car breakdown on a cold winter morning in Ontario. Here is a list of some of the common reasons for a depleted battery.

You Leave Your Headlights On

Getting off work, the only thing going through your mind is reaching home and relaxing after a long day. So you forget to turn your headlights off or close the door properly before leaving your car. When you try to start the car in the morning, you find that your battery has died. That’s because once the engine is off, all the electronics in your car are charged by the battery. Something as small as a dome light can drain your battery preventing your car from starting the next morning. A simple way to solve this problem is to make sure that your battery is charged.

Something Is Causing A ‘Parasitic Draw’

A turned on accessory can cause your battery to die. But what if all the accessories are off and you still cannot start your engine? This could mean that you have a faulty wire in your car that is depleting your battery without any apparent problem. This is called a parasitic draw. In a running car an alternator charges your battery but when the car is turned off your battery is not being charged. This can be fixed by jumpstarting your car. You can contact your local car boosting service to repair the faulty wiring to avoid experiencing the same problem again.

Loose Battery Connections

A disconnected battery means your car won’t start. The batteries connectors can jostle loose sometimes or terminals might corrode. This will either cause the engine to shut down completely or the battery won’t fully transmit power. To solve this problem tighten your connectors. However, corrosion related problems require you to clean the battery regularly. Doing this will ensure that your battery is charged properly.

Harsh Weather Conditions

Freezing cold winters and the boiling heat of summer can cause problems with your car’s battery. New batteries are more resistant to extreme temperatures. But sometimes even a new battery can succumb to extreme temperature changes. This will either weaken the overall performance or cause it to die completely. If you notice that your battery is experiencing a performance issue, you can contact your nearest car service provider to help you diagnose and solve the problem.

Battery Is Not Charging

You can’t rely on your battery to start your engine if its alternator is not functioning properly. Your battery needs an alternator to keep it charged up. If your alternator isn’t working, it can’t power your battery effectively. You might be able to save some money by replacing a small part of the alternator called the diode. But if the problem continues to resurface then you might have to replace your battery completely.

Frequent Short Trips

The alternator charges the battery while your engine is running. But if you drive short distances frequently, then the alternator won’t have enough time to properly charge the battery. This will eventually shorten the battery’s lifespan in the long run. Taking longer trips will allow the battery to reach its maximum charging capacity.

Things To Keep In Mind

While exiting your car, always make sure to turn off all accessories and lock the car doors. Check your battery connectors regularly to make sure they aren’t loose. If you continue to experience problems with your car’s battery, call your local car service provider.

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At Ontario Towing, we provide fast and efficient emergency battery jump start and dead battery replacement services around the clock throughout Ottawa and the surrounding region. Visit our website to learn more about us or contact us for personalized service. Centrally based in Ottawa, Ontario Towing stands out with cost-effective, expert towing and roadside assistance. Our suite, from flatbeds to far-reaching hauls, underscores our commitment to vehicle security and unparalleled service in the capital’s realm.

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Towing Company In Ottawa

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Towing Company In Ottawa When driving in Ottawa, if your car suddenly stops functioning due to a mechanical or any other issue, it’s undoubtedly an increasingly stressful experience. A vehicle-related failure can happen to anyone at any time. What matters is that you choose a reliable towing company while you’re waiting for quick roadside assistance. But how can you know if your potential tow truck company can tow or transport your car safely and timely. Certain qualities set qualified vehicle recovery and towing firms apart from unprofessional ones. When selecting a dependable and affordable towing specialist, be sure to ask them some relevant questions. The following are essential questions you should ask when hiring a towing company in Ottawa:

Is Your Company Registered?

Before hiring a towing expert in Ottawa, verify whether the towing firm is registered and has a physical business location. Having an office is vital, as it will be easier to make claims against an organization with a physical address than it is to file a claim through personnel without a reachable address.

Is Your Company Licensed?

You must also enquire about your prospective towing firm’s license and certifications. This is important to know because you want to get towing services from certified professionals and technicians who know their job. All companies must meet specific standards to obtain accreditation to operate lawfully in Canada. When hiring the services of a towing company in Ottawa, ensure that it’s a BBB accredited business.

Is Your Company Insured?

Your towing service provider must also be fully insured and bear all expenses for potential damages and injuries that might occur during their service delivery. This will help you avoid possible car damage costs or fees regarding physical injuries during the towing or vehicle recovery process.

How Long Have You Been Operating In The Towing Industry?

Towing is an increasingly technical job, and there’s very little room for making mistakes or becoming lousy while rendering the service. Roadside vehicle recovery service is something that should be left to the most experienced towing experts only. Highly experienced towing professionals will be able to perform any towing or roadside assistance project quickly, safely, and efficiently. That’s why it’s vital to ask your towing technicians about their industrial experience. This will give you an idea about their level of expertise and knowledge about the successful delivery of various towing services.

What Type Of Towing Services Do You Offer?

This has to be one of the top queries that might cross your mind when contacting a tow truck company. There are various towing and vehicle recovery services that one towing company must offer, like roadside assistance, car lockout, jumpstarts, gas delivery, flatbed towing, and more. To successfully provide all these services efficiently and effectively in Ottawa, an emergency roadside assistance company requires a range of modern tow trucks and equipment and experienced tow truck drivers. Another way you can get to know the services of a towing company and the quality of work they provide is by going through and reading their client reviews on their website.

What Is The Cost Of Your Towing Service?

A towing service in Ottawa and its surrounding areas might depend mainly on several factors, including the distance covered, vehicle weight, the complexity of the job involved, and other related elements. A reliable tow truck company will always provide you with initial price quotes about the type of service required. Always ask your service provider for cost estimates to know your towing project’s costs in advance.

How Quickly Can You Get My Car Towed?

It’s natural to expect a quick turnaround from a tow truck company when your vehicle is not moving and you’re stuck in the middle of the road with a malfunctioning engine or a flat tire. One cannot ignore the great importance of how fast a technician can reach your location, and towing your car to your destination is crucial during these times of increased stress. That’s why it’s essential to know whether your prospective tow master offers 24/7 roadside assistance and emergency towing services to its clients.

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Ontario Towing offers fast, efficient, and reliable towing services such as long-distance towing, roadside assistance, flatbed towing, vehicle recovery, and more in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Visit our website to learn more about us or contact us for personalized service. Sitting at Ottawa’s pulse, Ontario Towing provides outstanding, value-based towing and roadside care. With a forte in flatbed moves to prolonged hauls, we set the gold standard in vehicle protection and client delight within the capital’s borders.