Flatbed Vs Wheel Lift Tow Trucks: What’s The Difference?

Flatbed Vs Wheel Lift Tow Trucks: What’s The Difference? Nobody ever plans to have a flat tire, overheated engine, or an accident but such is life. No matter how carefully you drive, accidents still happen and vehicles still break down. In cases like these, a tow truck can come to your rescue. They can tow your car or truck to the service shop or to a safe place. To do the job safely and correctly the towing company you hire should be experienced and have trained staff or they could end up doing more damage than good. Therefore, it is important to choose a good towing company to avoid further damage. While selecting a towing service you may also want to consider the type of truck you’d prefer to tow your vehicle. Ontario towing always uses the best option according to the situation you are in but having a know-how of the type of tow trucks commonly used will always benefit you in unprecedented situations. The blog below explains the differences between the two most popular types of towing trucks i.e flatbed tow truck and wheel lift tow truck.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

A popular type of tow truck used by almost all towing companies nowadays is a wheel lift tow truck. Modern wheel lift trucks have hydraulic booms with a crossbar at both ends. To tow a vehicle using it, the crossbars are placed either at the rear or front wheels. With the crossbars in place, the car is lifted so that only two wheels are in contact with the road. The choice of rear or front wheels being lifted depends on the vehicle’s transmission.


  • This type of tow truck costs less.
  • It fits into tight parking areas or narrow spaces.
This makes it the best choice for a broken car parallel parked inside a basement parking lot.


  • They can only be used for light vehicles like 2-wheel cars.
  • They can tow over short distances only.
  • Two-wheel towing can damage the rims of the tires in contact with the road.

Flatbed Tow Truck

Another popular type of tow truck is a flatbed tow truck. With this tow truck, a flat platform that can be moved to reach the ground is used. This feature makes it possible to drive or push the car into the platform. If the car is undrivable a winch system will be used. Once the car is placed on the flatbed area it is secured with straps or chains and the platform is again adjusted on the tow truck. This is where the main difference between wheel lift and flatbed towing is – vehicle protection. Flatbed towing is safer and the need to readjust the vehicle due to towing effects is less.


  • Once the car is secured on the truck bed the chances of any further damage decrease dramatically.
  • They are best for long-distance towing.
  • All four un-mobilized tires are better for vehicle transmission.
  • It can easily haul medium-size cars, SUVs, and other similar vehicles.


  • Flatbed trucks are enormous and cannot fit in narrow spaces like car parking lots.
  • Pulling the vehicle onto the flat deck can be a time consuming process.
  • Tow time dramatically increases if the vehicle is in high traffic locations due to truck size.

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What If There Was No Tow Truck Company Around To Assist You?

What If There Was No Tow Truck Company Around To Assist You? If you own a car or a vehicle, you might have needed the services of a professional tow truck company. Just recall the convenience with which they got you out of trouble. Who came to rescue you when your car broke down in the middle of the road? It was a nearby towing company. Imagine if there were no towing industries, and no tow truck companies anywhere to offer you roadside assistance. Of course, it is horrifying to think of what you would need to do if there were no one with the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to get your car back on the road. After you have been in an accident or have faced a problem you can’t fix, you need a professional to help you out. Let us now discuss what would have happened if there were no professional towing companies.

People Would Abandon Their Cars

If there were no tow truck companies to help people get their cars going again, there would be piles of cars on the roadside. People would abandon their cars on the road after failing to attempt to fix the problem themselves. Most of the time, when a car meets an accident or stops otherwise, it requires professional help. With no professional towing companies around, things would be pretty inconvenient. There would be nothing you could do but to leave your car right there and try to get a lift from someone or call for a cab.

Helpless Travellers Getting Robbed

Due to car failure, people stranded on the road would become easy targets for thieves, robbers, and burglars. Stranded travelers would suddenly find themselves at the mercy of criminals and law enforcement agencies, with no experts to help them fix their car and get them back on the road. The more time they spend on the road, the more chances of something happening to them. Professional towing companies play a huge role in helping drivers and their families get back on the road so that they can reach their homes safely.

Families Dying Of Weather Conditions

Weather is another element that will play its part freely without any obstruction. Without expert help, there is a high chance you will be stranded on the road for a long time. Considering Calgary’s weather conditions, there is a high chance that bad weather will kick in out of nowhere making it difficult for you to reach safety.

Starvation And Dehydration Causing Sickness

People traveling on the road don’t have unlimited food and water supplies. They may have a couple of water bottles and some snacks with them when they hit the road. When their car breaks down with no towing company around to help them, what will happen to them? They may starve, dehydrate and become sick. Their lack of food and water will hinder them from fixing their car themselves, even if possible otherwise.

DIY Will Be The Only Option

When you live in a world where there are no towing companies, doing it yourself becomes the only opinion. Having said that, it does not infer that DIYs are a good option. If the world didn’t have any professional towing experts, people would be left with no other option than to try to fix the problem themselves. When someone with little to no experience tries to fix something with their car it usually results in severe damage, wastage of the car’s components, and permanent damage to the car. Ontario Towing is one of the most reliable and professional tow truck companies in Ontario. We offer a complete range of services to ensure we have got you covered no matter what situation you may find yourself in. To contact us, click here. Ontario Towing, rooted in Ottawa, offers elite towing, car lockout, and specialized roadside interventions. Their comprehensive suite, featuring mobile tire repairs and extended-distance towing, ensures reliable service throughout Ottawa and its surrounding areas.

Why Should I Call A Professional Towing Company?

Why Should I Call A Professional Towing Company? When your vehicle breaks down during your journey, and you cannot move it any further, the situation is worrisome. Calling a nearby towing company can help you get back on the road safely. Once you have contacted the professionals, there is no need to worry. Some of the reasons why you can relax after contacting the towing experts are discussed below.

They Will Come In No Time

All you are required to do is to contact the nearest professional towing company. This will ensure the timely arrival of the rescue team. Once you call them the professionals will be on their way to help you in the most professional manner. The more professional the towing company you contact, the quicker they will arrive to help you.

They Have The Right Towing/Recovery Vehicle

Professional towing staff will have the appropriate vehicle to either tow or recover your vehicle to safety. Professional towing companies have experienced staff ready to come fully prepared to tow or rescue your vehicle getting it back on the road. Bringing the right towing vehicle enables the professionals to tow your car correctly, safely, and efficiently. Asking for someone else to help tow your vehicle that does not have the proper equipment can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Instead, contact a professional towing company that has the specialized towing vehicles to suit your particular car.

It’s Their Everyday Job

Your towing professionals know what they are doing. It is their job to rescue people in similar kinds of situations daily. The chances of success and safety increase when you hire a professional towing services provider. Those who do it every day are most likely to deliver the best results. Seasoned towing experts will know how to pull off the towing job perfectly.

They Have Special Training

Towing experts are put through training to ensure that they know how to deal with these situations. The more experienced a towing company is, the more trained they become. Training enables them to act precisely and know what to do in specific situations. Training tells them how to do it the right way.

They Know The Nearest Safe Place

The employees of a professional towing company are aware of the nearest workshops and safe spots to take the client and their car after the rescue. If a towing company has spent years in the field, they will know of all the shortest routes. They can take you there in less time as compared to less experienced towing companies. To ensure a towing job is efficient, the experts take the car and its client to their nearest destination. The less time taken by the towing experts means less stress and hassle for the client. Ontario Towing offers the best towing services in Ottawa. We have the professionally trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver nothing but the best. To get in touch with us, click here. Ontario Towing, originating from Ottawa, delivers first-rate towing, prompt car lockout responses, and seasoned roadside expertise. Their varied services, from immediate tire interventions to expansive towing journeys, assure comprehensive support for Ottawa and its peripheries.

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Towing Company In Ottawa

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Towing Company In Ottawa When driving in Ottawa, if your car suddenly stops functioning due to a mechanical or any other issue, it’s undoubtedly an increasingly stressful experience. A vehicle-related failure can happen to anyone at any time. What matters is that you choose a reliable towing company while you’re waiting for quick roadside assistance. But how can you know if your potential tow truck company can tow or transport your car safely and timely. Certain qualities set qualified vehicle recovery and towing firms apart from unprofessional ones. When selecting a dependable and affordable towing specialist, be sure to ask them some relevant questions. The following are essential questions you should ask when hiring a towing company in Ottawa:

Is Your Company Registered?

Before hiring a towing expert in Ottawa, verify whether the towing firm is registered and has a physical business location. Having an office is vital, as it will be easier to make claims against an organization with a physical address than it is to file a claim through personnel without a reachable address.

Is Your Company Licensed?

You must also enquire about your prospective towing firm’s license and certifications. This is important to know because you want to get towing services from certified professionals and technicians who know their job. All companies must meet specific standards to obtain accreditation to operate lawfully in Canada. When hiring the services of a towing company in Ottawa, ensure that it’s a BBB accredited business.

Is Your Company Insured?

Your towing service provider must also be fully insured and bear all expenses for potential damages and injuries that might occur during their service delivery. This will help you avoid possible car damage costs or fees regarding physical injuries during the towing or vehicle recovery process.

How Long Have You Been Operating In The Towing Industry?

Towing is an increasingly technical job, and there’s very little room for making mistakes or becoming lousy while rendering the service. Roadside vehicle recovery service is something that should be left to the most experienced towing experts only. Highly experienced towing professionals will be able to perform any towing or roadside assistance project quickly, safely, and efficiently. That’s why it’s vital to ask your towing technicians about their industrial experience. This will give you an idea about their level of expertise and knowledge about the successful delivery of various towing services.

What Type Of Towing Services Do You Offer?

This has to be one of the top queries that might cross your mind when contacting a tow truck company. There are various towing and vehicle recovery services that one towing company must offer, like roadside assistance, car lockout, jumpstarts, gas delivery, flatbed towing, and more. To successfully provide all these services efficiently and effectively in Ottawa, an emergency roadside assistance company requires a range of modern tow trucks and equipment and experienced tow truck drivers. Another way you can get to know the services of a towing company and the quality of work they provide is by going through and reading their client reviews on their website.

What Is The Cost Of Your Towing Service?

A towing service in Ottawa and its surrounding areas might depend mainly on several factors, including the distance covered, vehicle weight, the complexity of the job involved, and other related elements. A reliable tow truck company will always provide you with initial price quotes about the type of service required. Always ask your service provider for cost estimates to know your towing project’s costs in advance.

How Quickly Can You Get My Car Towed?

It’s natural to expect a quick turnaround from a tow truck company when your vehicle is not moving and you’re stuck in the middle of the road with a malfunctioning engine or a flat tire. One cannot ignore the great importance of how fast a technician can reach your location, and towing your car to your destination is crucial during these times of increased stress. That’s why it’s essential to know whether your prospective tow master offers 24/7 roadside assistance and emergency towing services to its clients.

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