Roadside Assistance Scams To Watch Out For

Roadside Assistance Scams To Watch Out For Being stuck with a broken car on the side of the road is a scary and worrying experience. It is not only disturbing but dangerous to be stranded in the middle of the road with traffic flowing around you. Chances of collisions and accidents by getting hit by a fast driving vehicle increase by manifolds. Therefore, you should try to get out of the situation as soon as possible. The easiest way is to call a roadside assistance service. They can get you back on the road in no time by providing the required repair service. Unfortunately, this is also the time that scammers capitalize. They scam you by providing substandard roadside services at higher rates. The situation makes you lose money and the problem with your vehicle is often not solved. Hence, no matter how tense the situation is, never let your guard down. Always be vigilant and try to distinguish between a professional and an opportunistic roadside service provider. Here are some of the roadside assistance scams to watch out for.

Unsolicited Towing Service

Nothing seems more blissful than an approaching tow truck when you are stuck with a broken car. However, if you find an unmarked tow truck approaching that offers to help, it is better to decline respectfully. This is by far the most common type of roadside assistance scam. They may at first feel like a blessing but accepting their help gets you in even deeper trouble. Scammers nowadays are using a specialized tracking system to track stranded cars on the road. Then they approach and offer help and once you agree, you will have bills twice or thrice the original amount. Only then will you know that you have been scammed. So, it is best to say no to the uncalled help.

Suspicious Quotes

Another common roadside assistance scam is incomplete quotes. The tow truckers provide you with an incomplete tow and then mention several extra charges in the name of service at the time of payment. When getting a quote, make sure it is complete; it should include the mileage cost, service fee, fuel costs, and other loading and off-loading charges. Make sure your final payment matches that amount. The only way to be safe from such scams is by being preemptive and asking for the complete bill beforehand, no matter how much you trust that towing company. If you receive an overpriced bill after using their services, you will have no other choice but to pay the unfair amount.

One-destination Towing

There are multiple reasons where you may need roadside assistance services for your vehicle. Different problems require different kinds of solutions and often various towing destinations. So, if you get a towing company that offers towing services to only a specific location, it is recommended to not move further in business with them. These towing companies take your vehicle to a specific repair shop, where you are asked to pay an extra amount for repairs straight away. On the other hand, professional towing service allows you to choose the destination, whether a repair shop or a garage. So, it is better to have more options than paying more for some forced repair.

Missing Paperwork

The worst mistake you can make while using a towing or roadside service is not asking for a written invoice and accepting an incomplete set of paperwork. If a tow truck arrives and hands you incomplete paperwork, it is better to politely decline the service and not let them tow your vehicle. Make sure that the name printed on the invoice matches the name on the truck. Further, check the final payable amount thoroughly. It should include all the charges. If you find the paperwork suspicious in any way, you have all the right to politely decline the service.

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Ontario Towing provides you with the best towing and roadside assistance services throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas. We offer an extensive range of towing services, from flatbed towing to boat towing. Our experienced drivers and updated tow trucks ensure the safety and professionalism that you expect from a towing company. We also provide a variety of fast and reliable roadside assistance services with the utmost professionalism. Our licensed and qualified professionals are well-trained to offer you friendly and effective roadside recovery services with a speedy response time. For a special request like long-distance towing, contact us for a hassle-free price quote at any time. Ontario Towing amplifies its legacy of reliability with the introduction of Ottawa’s Roadside Assistance. Tailored for Ottawa’s drivers, this program promises swift interventions and unmatched roadside support, setting new standards in vehicular safety.

5 Benefits of Mobile Tire Replacement

5 Benefits of Mobile Tire Replacement Tire issues are troublesome. They need to be checked and maintained regularly to keep them in shape and proper working condition. Tread levels can go down with time and can burst out of nowhere. Being stranded on a road can be frustrating. On one hand, you have to worry about your vehicle’s safety, repair costs, and on the other hand, you are now running late to reach your destination. One way you can lower your stress levels in such conditions is to know about a reliable helping source, in this condition a professional mobile tire and replacement service provider can be of great help. Of course, the situation is way easier when you know how to do it yourself and have proper tools on hand. Otherwise, a mobile tire replacement service is the easiest way out of the situation. Without it, you would have to walk miles from where your car is parked to get a mechanic and get the flat tire replaced with the spare one. On the other hand, you can simply call a mobile tire replacement service on the spot. Apart from this mobile tire replacement services provide several other benefits to stuck drivers. Some of them are explained in the following blog post.

Save Time

Finding a garage or a mechanic around in the area where you are stuck with a flat tire, can take a lot of time and energy. You may have to abandon your car in an unknown location to find tire replacement help, this can be a very stressful situation. However, when you are well-versed with a mobile tire change and replacement service, you can simply call your roadside assistance and they will reach your location in the least possible time. The professionals will change your tires quickly so you can get going again within no time.

You Remain Clean

Replacing a tire is not a clean job. Changing a flat tire on your own can leave dirt, oil, or grease stains on you. It is not a big problem if you encounter a flat tire while on your way back home from an event or from the office. However, if you are neatly dressed to attend a corporate event, meeting, or a friend’s wedding. You surely don’t want to appear all covered in dust. Therefore, having your tire replaced by a professional will help you stay clean and ready for the event, even after encountering a stressful situation.

Professionals Handle The Situation Better

If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you will surely try to change your tire on your own. However, there will be at least one lug nut that is rusted or just too tight that it will not come off. This is where paying a professional to do the job is worth the price. Professional mobile tire service providers have got the expertise and all the necessary tools to get the job done. They can handle the most challenging situations without damaging your vehicle.


When you are stuck with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, you have only two options left, either tow your vehicle to the nearest garage or call a mobile flat tire service. However, when you hear about mobile tire replacement services, you may perceive it to be a very costly service. But in reality, it is cheaper compared to all other options you can opt for such as
  • Towing your car on a tow truck to the nearest or your regular repair shop.
  • Calling a random mechanic on the site to get the tire replaced.

It’s Safer

Changing a tire on the shoulder of a road is asking for trouble, especially if it is night or the weather is not cooperating. A mobile tire replacement service makes the instance safer, by doing the job for you.

About Us

Ontario Towing provides around the clock reliable mobile tire change and repair services to its customers in Ottawa. We strive hard to provide our customers with 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, lockouts, mobile tire change, and more services at premium quality and optimum rates. Stuck with a flat tire anywhere in Ottawa and surrounding areas? Contact us now and get your flat tire repaired and replaced professionally. Ontario Towing in Ottawa offers top-notch towing, car lockout solutions, and specialized roadside support. With added services like mobile tire assistance, gas delivery, and long-distance towing, they serve Ottawa and its surrounding areas diligently.

Tips To Safely Tow A Trailer

Tips To Safely Tow A Trailer If you are planning on buying a trailer and planning to tow it out to the lake or the wilderness for a bit of fun, there are things you need to know first. Towing a trailer can lead to certain issues if not done right. Minor details like adding a couple of hundred pounds to your rear can make profound changes in the rig’s stability. But by following a few simple guidelines, you can stay on track and tow the trailer with the utmost ease and safety. Towing a trailer can be scary at first but if done right you will feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics you need to know to safely tow a trailer.

Hitch Your Vehicle Correctly

In order to drive safely, you need to hitch your vehicle safely. Make sure your hitch is on, locked in, and your cables are connected and working properly. Pay attention to your weight distribution. Look at your tow vehicle and trailer, you should observe a nice flat plane between the two. If it is tipping towards the hitch, or tipping away from it, then it is not well balanced. The best way to check for weight distribution is to go to a truck scale and have them measure the weight on all tires. This will give you an idea about the weight distribution of each tire on your vehicle.

Check Your Visibility

It’s important to check your visibility while driving your vehicle with a trailer. If you don’t have a rearview camera for your trailer, your rearview will be limited to the side mirrors of your tow vehicle. In that case, install side mirror extensions that will give you a wide-angle view along with your normal mirror view. To drive safely you need to make sure that you can see behind your vehicle with the trailer. Compromised vision can lead to an accident.

Check Your Brakes And Brake Controller

Before you get on the road make sure that your brakes and brake controller are working properly. A brake controller controls the brakes of the trailer, it turns on the brakes of the trailer when you hit the tow vehicles’ brakes. There is a setting in the brake controller that will allow you to set how hard it applies the trailers’ brakes. You can test the brakes by driving at 10mph and then apply the brakes as you would for a normal stop. The trailer should tug back at the vehicle just a tiny bit before you come to a full stop. But if you don’t feel the trailer tug, or worse, you feel it pushing you, then you need to turn the brake controller setting higher. If your stop is super jerky then you need to lower the brake setting.

Know Your Height

It’s important that you know the height of your trailer. As you would not want to hit the bottom of a sign while traveling on the road or scrap your trailer’s top while going under a bridge. Hence, it is important that you measure the height of your trailer to avoid any passage marked with a lower clearance than that value.

Final Word

Towing a trailer can be a difficult job if you follow the above-mentioned tips you will be able to tow your trailer safely. However, you are not alone on the road. You can still get into an accident. In that case, you will need a professional towing company to safely tow your vehicle.

About Ontario Towing

Ontario Towing is known for its professionalism in providing the best roadside assistance services. We have experienced staff who work day and night to ensure our customer’s safety and ease. For more information visit our website or contact us today. Ontario Towing, operating from Ottawa, offers unparalleled towing, car lockout, and roadside care. Their holistic suite encompasses services like mobile tire adjustments and gas delivery, ensuring top-notch support throughout Ottawa and nearby regions.

Tips and Tricks To Avoid Hydroplaning In Rainy Weather

Tips and Tricks To Avoid Hydroplaning In Rainy Weather Driving in rainy weather can be quite tricky. You might experience skidding on the wet road and lose control of your car. Even if this happens for a split second, it can lead to a dangerous accident. Statistics show that most weather-related accidents happen on wet pavement while it is pouring. Approximately 5700 people lose their lives every year and more than 500,000 people are injured due to crashes that happen on wet pavement. Hence, it is imperative that you take extra care while driving during the rainy season. Wet pavement can lead to hazardous accidents. In this blog, we will talk about hydroplaning, how to stop and what should be done if your vehicle happens to skid off the road.

What Is Hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning refers to a condition when your vehicles’ tires lose contact with the road and start to skid. This happens when there is a thin layer of water on top of the road and your tires try to roll on top of it. This type of condition can occur any time a tire can not channel the water fast enough to sustain good contact with the road. This problem does not only occur when there is standing water on the road. It can also cause a driver to lose control of their car during heavy rainfall. The grooves on tires are designed to offer space for water to go and eject when the tire rolls. When a driver is driving at a safe speed, the tires don’t lose their traction with the asphalt. However, if the tires on your car are old and their treads have worn out, they will not be able to surpass the hydroplane and develop traction with the road.

How To Avoid Hydroplaning

You have to be very careful while driving in the rainy season. Along with taking care while driving, you have to ensure that your car is in good condition. Some of the things you can do to avoid hydroplaning are:

Avoid Overspeeding

The first thing you have to take care of is the speed of your car. Make sure you are driving 35 mph or slower. At these speeds, the chances of hydroplaning are low since your cars’ tires can get more traction at lower speeds on wet pavement. When you travel at a slower pace you give yourself more time to react to sudden traffic slowdowns, standing water, debris on the road, and disabled cars.

Stopping Distance

In the rainy weather conditions there is a higher chance of your car skidding. Therefore it is best to keep enough stopping distance between you and the next car. As a driver, you have to leave at least 50 to 60 meters of distance between you and the next car.

Don’t Use Cruise Control

Cruise control can cause the car’s tires to spin faster if it hydroplanes. Hence, it is important to avoid cruise control in rainy weather. Go slow and keep the controls in your hand.

Avoid Sudden Acceleration

If you have to speed up, don’t put sudden force on the accelerator. Slowly and gradually increase your speed. Sudden acceleration, as well as sudden deceleration, can result in skidding.

What To Do If You Hydroplane?

Although this might not seem like the right course of action, the only way to gain control over your car if it hydroplanes is by withdrawing your foot from the gas and waiting. Steering or trying to press the brake will prolong the skidding process. Usually while hydroplaning, your car will only skid for a split second before regaining traction. However, if you are not able to control the car and it goes off-road, don’t worry. You can always call roadside assistance to help come and get you out of the situation. At Ontario Towing, we offer reliable and expert roadside assistance services to our customers in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information on our services. Ontario Towing, operating in Ottawa, provides top-notch towing, car lockout, and adept roadside support. With services spanning from mobile tire solutions to long-distance hauls, they remain a cornerstone for assistance in Ottawa and nearby regions.

Top 5 Qualities To Look For In A Professional Towing Company

Top 5 Qualities To Look For In A Professional Towing Company Breaking down in the middle of the road can be quite frustrating, especially when you don’t know how to find help. Hence, having a professional towing company’s contact handy is advised. Preferably a company known for its quick response and quality services. Being an industry; you will always find plenty of options to choose from. However, there are a few things you can look for to ensure you receive the best services. This blog details factors that will help you select the right towing company in your hour of need.

Wide Coverage Area

Car failures and problems can occur anywhere at any time of the day. Some towing companies operate in only a few areas. However, there are several towing firms that operate in several areas. Therefore, as you search for towing companies, look for those that have wide coverage so they can reach your location. It is advised to look for a towing company that provides its services in a coverage area of up to 100 miles.

Experience In The Industry

To get the best experience look for a towing company that has spent years in the towing industry providing related emergency services. Their experience will speak for itself, and they won’t charge you for unnecessary services. Always be on the lookout for companies that charge a lot. An experienced company that has been in the business for years is relied upon by its customers. Therefore, if you are looking for an experienced towing company, do your research and find out how long they have been in the business.

Quick Response

The immediate availability of a towing company is important to help you get out of your situation as soon as possible. Any delayed response on the company’s side can jeopardize your safety and put you in an unprecedented situation. Choose a towing company that responds to your query quickly. Ask them how much time it will take for them to reach your spot and what equipment they will have to give you quick service.

Effective Customer Service

The value of a company is determined by how it treats its customers. If the company is not responsive or polite enough to help you with your situation, it’s better to look for another company. A reliable towing company will prioritize its customers and keep them comfortable during the process. The workers should be trained to understand that being stranded on the road can be stressful for their customers. Furthermore, they should be equipped with the appropriate equipment to tow your car or provide you with any other car-related service.

Variety Of Services

A professional towing company will not only be limited to only towing services. Rather, it will offer you a range of services such as car lockout, gas delivery, battery services, jump start, winching services, vehicle assessment, and more. The best towing company will provide state-of-the-art facilities and will have powerful trucks for towing needs. So, in case your car breaks down unexpectedly, knowing which qualities to look for in a towing company and searching for the right one can save you time. Ontario Towing is one of the best choices for getting towing-related services if you reside in Ottawa or surrounding areas.

About Ontario Towing

Ontario Towing is your go-to solution for towing and related services covering Ottawa and its surrounding areas. Our professional and experienced workers reach your location in no time and provide you with the best roadside help. Reach out to us. Situated in Ottawa, Ontario Towing stands out with its high-quality towing, swift car lockout response, and masterful roadside help. Their diverse capabilities, from on-the-go tire services to extensive towing journeys, consistently support Ottawa and the surrounding regions.

Top 5 Scenarios When You Must Call Mobile Tire Services

Top 5 Scenarios When You Must Call Mobile Tire Services Mobile tire service is a very effective and efficient service provided by a professional towing company. There are many situations where you can get help through this service. Tires prove to be the most vulnerable part of your vehicle. Despite your due care and maintenance, anything can happen to your vehicle’s tires while driving on the road.

Punctured Tires

A constant fear at the back of every driver’s mind is a punctured tire in the mid of a journey. In most modern cars, there are no spare wheels. Instead, they provide you an automatic pump to inflate your tire. If you have misplaced the pump or forgot it at home, you are in trouble. A single nail or any other sharp object can penetrate your tire puncturing it. When you are on the road, you can’t possibly pay attention to every single object on the road. You must have the contact number of your nearby professional towing experts to help you with their mobile tire service in case of an emergency. Having a mobile tire service saves you considerable time and hassle from leaving your car on the road and walking miles to get a new tire or to get your tire repaired.

When Your Tire Bursts

The temperature outside, inappropriate tire pressure, and other factors can result in a tire burst. You can pretty much plan for a punctured tire by driving carefully. However, a bursted tire is out of your control. If your tires have passed their lifespan you need to replace them.

Someone Stole Your Tire\Tires

A rather unexpected situation can be when your tire or tires get stolen. Yes, this can be one situation when you need to call a professional towing company to provide you with the help and tires you require. It can happen when you park your car outside your home, or you are on a long journey and stayed for a while somewhere with criminals, thieves, and burglars around.The fact is that tires get stolen at times, and you can’t rule out this possibility entirely.

You Hit An Installment On The Road

While driving on a new road, going to an unknown destination, you may hit something installed on the road that can burst or deshape your tire. It can be a cat-eye, a boulder, or the edge of a pedestrian path. If your tire gets deshaped or burst, you should not continue on your journey. At this time, you need the professional help of a professional towing expert. They can repair your tires on site or replace them. You will not have to find the nearest tire shop, and it can save you time.

You Forgot To Check Your Tires Pressure

One of the most common scenarios is when you forget to check the air pressure in your tires before leaving. This can cause trouble while you are on the road with no immediate help available in the shape of a tire shop. It is best to check your tires before you leave to avoid this. Ontario Towing offers a complete set of towing services and roadside assistance on site. To get immediate help and contact us, click here. Emerging from Ottawa, Ontario Towing offers pristine towing, rapid car lockout solutions, and dependable roadside assistance. Their wide spectrum, from on-demand tire services to long-distance hauls, signifies their unwavering dedication to the Ottawa vicinity and beyond.

6 Types Of Roadside Assistance You Can Get

6 Types Of Roadside Assistance You Can Get When you hear the term roadside assistance, you may wonder what it is all about. Most people associate roadside assistance with that of a professional towing company’s services to tow a vehicle to its nearest workshop. Roadside assistance is a broader term that includes many types of services a client can get benefit from.

Flat Tire Change

What if you don’t have a spare tire and get a flat tire on the road. You might not change the tire on your own due to a lack of expertise or an injury. In any of these scenarios, you need the help of an expert to change the tire for you. Professional towing companies offer a complete set of services to anyone who needs help in desperate situations. The experts will ensure that you reach your destination quicker than you would expect after replacing your flat tire.

Fuel Top-ups

Running out of fuel can be possible if you are traveling long distances or did not have time to prepare for the journey. Whatever the reason may be, your nearby towing company offers fuel top-up services to help you get you back on the road. Running out of fuel is not the end of the world especially if you have a professional towing company near you. All you need to have is the contact details of a nearby tow truck company.

Vehicle Jumpstarts

If your vehicle does not start despite your efforts, you need jumpstarting services. The experts can start your car with the help of jump start cables and a portable power source. They ensure you don’t remain stranded on the road for an extended time.

Dead Battery Repair/Replacement

Towing experts have the battery replacement and repair resources available to repair your dead battery problems. When your battery completely fails on you, you need the help of professionals. You can’t afford to stay on the road for long and not do anything to solve the problem. Professional towing experts will have all the necessary tools and equipment to get your car going again.

Flatbed Towing

When you compare flatbeds to typical tow trucks, flatbeds are better and safer for your vehicle. Flatbed towing is more likely to keep your car safe and protect it against any possible damage during the towing process. If you don’t want the towing experts to drag your car behind their traditional tow trucks, you can go for a flatbed towing service. In this way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is not at risk during transportation.

Car Lockouts

You may leave your car keys in your car and get locked out. You don’t need to panic when you have nearby professional towing experts with a full range of services. The towing experts will know how to get you in your car without damaging and scratching your vehicle. The towing experts will have the right equipment and tools to execute the job efficiently and effectively. Ontario Towing offers a complete range of towing and roadside assistance services to clients in Ottawa, Ontario. To get in touch with us, click here. Ontario Towing, based in Ottawa, delivers exceptional, cost-effective towing and roadside services. From flatbed to long-distance towing, we emphasize secure vehicle handling and complete customer satisfaction in the nation’s capital.

Reasons To Obtain A Car Battery Jump Start Service For Your Dead Battery

Reasons To Obtain A Car Battery Jump Start Service For Your Dead Battery Sometimes, when you press your car’s start button or turn the key on, and your automobile doesn’t start, it’s most likely due to a worn-out or a dead battery issue. When facing a malfunctioned battery problem, you must repair or replace it with a professional car battery jump-starter service. There can be many different reasons for your vehicle’s battery to fail, such as an old battery, extreme temperatures, interior lights left on, increased short drives, loose cables, faulty charging, defective alternator, and more. It’s challenging to know the exact reason for your battery malfunction without professional help.

Car Boosting Experts Can Inspect Your Vehicle Thoroughly

It’s best to avoid repairing your car battery with DIY methods. Instead, you should always get the help of the emergency battery jump-starter experts near you for immediate and reliable assistance. The best vehicle boosting service providers will not only inspect your car battery but also recommend whether your vehicle requires a quick battery boost or if there is a mechanical issue with your car.

Each Car Comes With A Unique Battery System

When you attempt to start your automobile, and it gives a strange clicking sound, or there’s complete silence, you must contact an expert car boost service right away. You might also need professional assistance because some car models are complicated to jump-start as compared to others and might require a little more than just using jumper cables.

Boosting A Car Battery Requires Increased Expertise

Jump starting or boosting a vehicle’s battery can be tricky. It usually involves a booster pack attached to the car battery to provide the necessary power to start functioning again. Each automobile comes with a unique battery system and location – it can be located at the front, in the trunk, or even under the driver’s seat in some vehicles. That’s why you need the services of a professional vehicle recovery specialist to boost your car’s battery.

Can Boosting Your Car’s Battery Damage Its Electrical System?

Jump starting your vehicle’s battery by yourself might cause electrical issues with your car. Instead of risking damage to your expensive automobile, call a professional car boosting service to help start your vehicle. The roadside assistance service providers understand how much boost your car’s battery needs. They have years of technical knowledge and on-field experience in boosting different vehicle battery types. This way, you can rest assured that your car’s battery will get jump-started the right way, without incurring any vehicle damage.

How Long Can Your Vehicle Run After A Quick Battery Boost?

It’s best to ask your towing expert this question when availing their car boosting service. Only a professional vehicle jump-starting service provider can tell you what your battery’s present condition is before the boost and how long it can work before you must replace it. After a quick boost, you must take your vehicle to a nearby workshop and get a new car battery.

About Ontario Towing Service

Ontario Towing is a professional towing company that offers quick and reliable vehicle recovery services, including jump-starts and dead battery replacement services in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Visit our website to learn more about our service or contact us for personalized service. Ontario Towing, rooted in Ottawa, offers unmatched, value-focused towing and roadside help. Our spectrum, spanning flatbed to extensive tows, ensures dependable vehicle retrieval and top-tier customer experience in the capital’s domain.

Common Misconceptions About Towing Companies In Ottawa

Common Misconceptions About Towing Companies In Ottawa Like any other business, every towing company’s success depends heavily on its reputation in the local market. Much of a tow truck company’s bad reputation in Ottawa is down to some misconceptions people often associate with their services. Different people have different opinions about vehicle recovery and towing services in Ottawa and its surrounding areas. Some people express their gratitude for the tow truck drivers when they safely transport their car to a repair shop after a roadside accident. Others show intense dislike for them just because their automobile was parked in the wrong spot and the tow firm removed it from there. While some of these views are justifiable, most of the negative things associated with roadside assistance services are myths. We will now try to clear up some of the misconceptions about local towing companies in Ottawa in detail:

Towing Is All They Can Do

This is one of the major myths about towing services here in Ottawa. People have little to no knowledge about the broad range of services towing firms have to offer, which is the main reason why they have low trust in them. Some towing companies in Ottawa have an advanced fleet of tow trucks, employ highly skilled drivers, and utilize modern towing equipment for successful service delivery. Apart from regular towing services, these firms also offer flatbed towing, heavy equipment hauling, and other roadside assistance services, including battery boosting, car lockout, fuel delivery, flat tires, vehicle collision accidents, and more. An experienced tow operator in Ottawa can even help you fix a mechanical problem with your automobile if it breaks down in the middle of the road.

Their Services Are Too Expensive

Towing services are slightly on the pricey side because these services involve highly skilled labor and specialized equipment. An average client doesn’t consider the amount of effort and expense required to perform a successful towing job. Whether it’s recovering a vehicle from a roadside emergency or transporting an expensive car from one location to another, it takes a great deal of expertise, modern equipment, and powerful tow trucks to do that. Not all towing service providers offer such excellence ; you’ll need to do your homework in advance and select a certified towing expert to save you from increased inconvenience and time and money loss.

They Do Not Operate Around The Clock

While there may be some unprofessional towing operators that don’t listen to their customers’ queries all the time, there are some qualified service providers who offer emergency towing services no matter the time of the day. Since these services are usually required in emergencies, one cannot wait for a towing firm to show up hours later than expected. That’s why experienced tow truck companies always listen to their clients’ concerns at any time of the day or night and provide them with quick and efficient vehicle recovery and roadside assistance services.

Tow Truck Drivers Always Arrive Late

A dedicated towing expert will always try to reach their client’s location on time and with appropriate hauling equipment. Many people wrongly assume that it’s of no use to call a towing company as they would take hours to arrive. However, in reality, a tow truck driver can reach your location in less than an hour, depending on the total distance covered. Ontario Towing offers fast and reliable towing services to its clients, like roadside assistance, flatbed towing, vehicle recovery, long-distance towing, and more in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Visit our website to know more or contact us for personalized service. From Ottawa’s epicenter, Ontario Towing offers unrivaled, cost-efficient towing and roadside relief. Covering services from flatbed shifts to long-haul retrievals, we’re committed to ensuring vehicle safety and achieving peak client contentment in the capital zone.