Common Car Lock Out Scenarios And What You Should Do

Common Car Lock Out Scenarios And What You Should Do Getting locked out of your car is a frustrating experience. Trying different tricks to unlock your car can cause damage to it. Locking your keys in your vehicle is a common mistake many drivers make. In fact, it is the second most common mistake drivers make after running out of gas and is usually due to lack of attention and negligence. There are many different scenarios in which you might need to call a car lockout service. Read the following scenarios below to learn how you can prevent them and what you can do if you lose your car keys.

Breaking The Keys

Keys can sometimes break due to them either not being well-built or yourself when you apply too much force while opening your door. When you want to unlock your vehicle as fast as possible, you might break your keys in the process, and half of the key comes out in your hand while the other half is stuck in the car’s lock. This will lock you out of your car, so you won’t be able to go anywhere. Only a locksmith that has experience with car lockout services can help you in this situation and help you get your keys back by using their own tools. Therefore, if something like this happens, it is better to call a car locksmith as soon as possible instead of trying your own tricks and making the situation worse.

Forgetting Your Keys Inside

Another mistake many drivers make is that while getting out of their car, they leave their keys in the ignition and lock the car manually by pressing buttons on the doors. You might feel stupid that you can see your car’s keys, yet you can do nothing about it. This mistake purely happens out of lack of attention and negligence. One way to avoid this is to be attentive while getting out of your car and check that you have your keys every time you leave your car. Don’t hurry to lock your car. The situation can become even worse when the engine is running, and you are just going to grab something quickly. This will use up your fuel quickly. However, your muscle memory can help you here, build the habit of turning off your engine and then taking your keys out of the ignition, to prevent this mistake.

Losing The Keys

We are all human, and we all make mistakes. Sometimes you may lose your keys, and end up searching for them for hours. After looking for your keys in every place you have been to recently, if you still can’t find them hire a reliable locksmith.

How Can You Prevent A Car Lockout Situation?

To prevent car lockout situations, you can opt for the following measures.

Make A Habit

Make it a habit to double-check everything before you leave your car. Always keep your keys with you if you are getting out of your car. This will help you build muscle memory, so you won’t lose them again.

Call For Professional Help

If you have lost your car keys, call a professional car lockout company. They have the necessary tools and procedures that can help you recover your car keys in no time.

Have A Spare Set

Another wise thing you can do is to keep a spare set of keys at home. So, if you lose your keys, you can always call someone in your home to deliver those keys to you.

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Ontario Towing provides the most trustworthy, reliable, and around-the-clock car lockout services. We employ well-trained and qualified car locksmith specialists to provide our customers with safe, quick, and cost-effective 24-hour car lockout services using proper tools. Contact us here if you want any such services. Based in Ottawa, Ontario Towing specializes in premium towing, car lockout remedies, and advanced roadside help. Their extensive offerings, from mobile tire services to gas delivery and beyond, cater to both Ottawa and neighboring locales.

Things You Should Know About Winching A Car

Things You Should Know About Winching A Car One thing you can never be certain about is the ever-changing Canadian weather. Especially during winter, when bright, sunny morning skies can turn into nights of snowstorms. Highways and roads are usually covered in inches of snow or frost during the bitter weather conditions of winter. These slippery roads reduce the friction between your vehicle’s tires and the road’s surface, which can cause your car or truck to go off-road. Vehicles that become stuck in the snow, mud, sand, or a ditch after going off-road is a common occurrence. Even experienced drivers can be caught off guard under such extreme driving conditions. A single mistake can lead to dangerous situations that can cause injuries or fatalities. This is especially true when you are driving on poorly lit roads with multiple twists and turns. In this situation, contacting a local car winch services provider is the best way to get your vehicle recovered from a ditch. Continue reading to understand what a winch is and how it works.

Assess The Situation

Ensuring the safety of those directly involved in winching a vehicle and those present nearby is an all-important aspect of a winching operation. A winch is a useful tool, however, if not done properly, it can lead to injuries and major damage to the car or truck. It can also be hazardous for passersby. Therefore, you must try to remain calm when you find yourself in this situation. It will help you stay in control and effectively assess the situation. Start by evaluating your options; you can either ask a stranger for help or try to reverse your vehicle out of the ditch yourself. Although strangers are often willing to help, it may lead to more problems and safety hazards. Contacting a heavy-duty towing service for assistance is the wisest option.

Before Starting The Winching Process

There are some important safety considerations you must make to ensure a smooth and safe winching operation:
  • Take your time to properly assess the situation, and act accordingly.
  • To protect your hands from any cuts or burns, wear a pair of heavy-duty gloves when using a synthetic rope or wire winch.
  • Make sure that the battery of the recovery vehicle being used can handle the additional load.
  • Always use a hook strap to pull the line away from the fairlead. Don’t try to put your finger through it.
  • Use D-shackles or a clevis to safely connect a winch to a car or strap.
  • Recovery straps can stretch and store a lot of energy which can cause serious damage. So, it’s best to avoid using them for safety reasons.
  • Make sure that the winches’ installation does not have any loose bolts.
  • Remain calm through the entire process and you will successfully pull out your car.

3 Ways Of Rigging A Winch

The following are the three ways you can rig a vehicle winch:
  • Single line
  • Double line
  • Triple line

Precautions To Take

Before starting a vehicle winching process, you need to make sure that you survey the surrounding area. This will help ascertain that there is no object between your car and the anchor that could interfere with the winch cable. Also, make sure that there are no bystanders between your car and the winch cable, only then proceed to operate the winch. If your car is stuck in a ditch, sand, mud, or snow and you don’t have a winch or know how to use one, we recommend contacting a tow truck company in Ontario that offers winch services.

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At Ontario Towing, we offer reliable and expert roadside assistance services to our customers in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information about our services. From its base in Ottawa, Ontario Towing excels in delivering premium towing, prompt car lockout solutions, and skilled roadside assistance. Their extensive offerings, such as mobile tire fixes and distant towing, cater extensively to Ottawa and its environs.

Car Maintenance Tips After A Road Trip

Car Maintenance Tips After A Road Trip Long road trips are a staple of Canadian summers – where people can finally spend their holidays driving across the country under clear and bright skies. However, these long trips can cause extensive wear-and-tear on your car, leading to costly repairs and maintenance and shorter operating life. You can minimize the harmful effects a road trip has on your vehicle and prevent any situation requiring emergency roadside assistance by taking your car for a proper post-road trip inspection. To keep your vehicle in its best possible shape, you need to perform several tasks that go beyond the routine maintenance you offer your car. Here is a short checklist we have prepared for your car after a long summer road trip.

Clean The Interior

Road trips usually involve eating in the car most of the time, especially if you travel with kids who seem to want a snack every two to three hours. That means you’re going to end up with some stains and food crumbs in your car on your road trip, so you will need a vacuum to clean up the mess. Before vacuuming, don’t forget to take out larger items such as straws, wrappers, bottles, coins, and others. Once this is done, start vacuuming the seats and carpeting to remove dirt and dust – make sure to get every nook and cranny. Eating and drinking in your car means that you are bound to spill something on the floor or a seat, like bbq sauce, ketchup, coffee, or juice stains. Use the right cleaning products to wash off any stains from the car’s interior without damaging the polish.

Check Your Tire Treads

Once you reach home after a long journey, check your tires for any cracks and damages as they can suffer major wear-and-tear on the road, especially while driving on unpredictable terrain. Worn-out tires can also create traction and stability issues under extreme weather conditions. A low tire depth can minimize your tires’ safety and performance, so you might need to get them replaced. Apart from this, dust and dirt particles can get stuck on your tires markings resulting in a flat tire on your next drive. Therefore, you should wash your car’s tires using a designated cleaning product to prevent any wheel damage. Ensure that the air pressure level of your wheels is high when you get back home. If not, then take your car to an auto-shop immediately to avoid any punctures.

Oil Change & Refueling

The fuel level of your car can drastically change after a road trip, especially when you are carrying a lot of luggage inside the trunk because the wheels of a heavy vehicle use more fuel throughout the journey. You might need an oil change after your trip. Therefore, we recommend taking your car to a workshop where the mechanic can tell you whether your vehicle needs refueling and oil change. In case you are not planning to use your car for some time, add a fuel stabilizer to your tank to prevent corrosion while it sits in your shed or garage.

Top Off Your Fluids

People usually check their car’s fluid levels before going on a journey, but it’s good practice to check it afterward too. Ensure that your car’s fluids are not below the recommended level – these fluids include engine oil, coolant, oil, brake fluids, and windscreen wash. This can help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns in the future when you use your car.

Run A Diagnostic Check

Take your car to a mechanic to get a system diagnostic check-up done to determine any potential problems your vehicle may have after a long road trip. Diagnostic tests can reveal issues within your car’s engine, exhaust system, lights, brakes, and other major components, as well as performance issues with the ignition coils, fuel injector, and throttle, etc. – saving you expensive repairs in the long run.

Check Your Battery

Car batteries can be very unpredictable. Therefore you should take your car to an auto shop and check for any issues and ensure it won’t break down due to a dead battery. Most mechanics offer a battery test free of any charges, but you can also buy devices to test your car’s battery yourself. If you have not replaced your battery for some years, consider changing it, so you won’t have to face any problems the next time you use it.

Wash The Exterior

After cleaning the interior and completing all systems check-ups, it’s time to wash your car’s exterior. Much like before the trip, a car wash is important afterward too, to get rid of the dirt, mud, and dust on the exterior. If not removed immediately, it can ruin the paint and finish of your car. So, get that bucket of water and cleaning product ready, and use a sponge to wash off the grime. Only use those car cleaning products designated for your car to ensure that you are not damaging your vehicle’s paint. Start from the top down and go all the way to the underside of the vehicle. Make sure you remove all the dirt and grease thoroughly, protecting the car’s finish from scratches. Checking your car before a long drive is important. But checking it after a road trip is equally important. After a long journey, your vehicle is as drained as you are, so getting it checked, cleaned, and undergoing maintenance is necessary. Remember this short car maintenance checklist every time you return after a fun road trip.

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Ontario Towing offers reliable and expert roadside assistance services to its customers in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, and surrounding areas. For more information on our services, visit our website or contact us today. Ontario Towing offers top-notch, affordable towing and roadside assistance in Ottawa and beyond. With services from flatbed hauling to long-distance towing, we prioritize secure vehicle recovery and satisfaction throughout the nation’s capital region.

Essential Roadside Assistance Services Every Towing Company Must Provide

Essential Roadside Assistance Services Every Towing Company Must Provide With the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, the need for highly diverse and technologically advanced towing companies is also increasing day by day. When facing car trouble, one must contact a towing service that provides comprehensive roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services. These may include flat tire replacement, battery boosting, flatbed towing, car lockout services, and more. An efficient tow truck company can address various roadside difficulties with its dedicated team of expert two truck drivers and specialized towing equipment. A minor mechanical problem can halt your car’s complete functionality. Instead of hauling your vehicle yourself, contact an emergency roadside assistance provider in your area to fix the issue with your vehicle. The following are some of the essential roadside assistance services every professional towing company must provide to its customers:

Flatbed Towing Service

Knowing of an expert towing service comes in handy when your car has broken down in the middle of the road and is beyond repair. Your vehicle may need to be hauled when you cannot safely repair it on the road. Different tow truck types can move your vehicle; one of them is a flatbed tow truck, safely transporting your car without pulling it on the road.

Mobile tire Service

Although a flat tire is an issue that most of us can fix without requiring professional help, provided we have a spare tire, knowledge, and the right tools. Nonetheless, if you’re facing a roadside flat tire problem, and you aren’t carrying a spare tire or the right equipment, you should contact a mobile tire service right away for professional assistance.

Instant Fuel Delivery

It’s an excruciating experience to run out of gas out of nowhere when you’re driving back home or going to the office or going for any other urgent work. The intensity of stress can become much higher when your car runs out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, and there’s no sign of a gas station in the area. When this happens, call a roadside service specialist for an urgent fuel top-up. Dedicated roadside assistance service providers reach their client’s location in no time to deliver enough gas to get their vehicle to the nearest gas station.

Car Jump Start Service

If you’re facing a car battery issue, you can call roadside services to jumpstart your vehicle or install a new battery. Some towing experts use specialized jumper cables and connect your vehicle with another car that has enough voltage. Some professionals also offer complete replacement of your old batteries for new ones. They can deliver a new battery to you and even install them for you on-site.

Car Lockout Service

Being locked out of your vehicle can, undoubtedly, be a significant embarrassment; however, it’s something that has been happening for a long time now and can happen to anyone. No matter how stressed you are about leaving your car keys inside your automobile, you must get instant professional assistance to unlock your car. Whether your car keys are locked inside your vehicle, or you just lost them, experienced car locksmith services can help unlock your car and get you going on your journey right away.

Parking Encroachment Service

Professional towing firms also provide dedicated parking encroachment and towing services to different property owners and businesses. By availing this service, you can free up your parking space of unwanted or illegally parked vehicles to accommodate these areas to your tenants or clients without any trouble.

How Ontario Towing Service Can Help

Ontario Towing Service offers efficient and reliable roadside assistance services to its clients, including flat tire change, gas top-ups, car battery jump starter, flatbed towing, car lockout, and parking encroachment services in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Visit our website to learn more about expert roadside assistance services or contact us for personalized service. Located in the heart of Ottawa, Ontario Towing champions high-caliber, budget-friendly towing and roadside assistance. With capabilities spanning flatbed transfers to extended treks, we are steadfast in vehicle protection and optimal customer satisfaction in the capital’s sphere.