How To Safely Load And Unload A Car On A Tow Truck

How To Safely Load And Unload A Car On A Tow Truck Towing a vehicle may seem easy but it is actually a very difficult and challenging task. It often appears simple because of the powerful and huge tow trucks that most towing companies use but the real task is to safely load the vehicle on the tow truck without damaging the vehicle. Towing can quickly turn into a dangerous task especially if you are not working with a professional towing company. Just like others, you would never want your vehicle to get damaged during the process of loading, and you will also not want to hurt yourself while your car is being unloaded or towed. Towing another vehicle or a huge object is not something that everyone can do and therefore should be left in the hands of professional towing companies. This is because professional towing companies have skilled and experienced workers who are trained to follow safety measures while towing vehicles. Also Read: Safety Tips For Towing Your Vehicle But you may wonder how exactly they safely unload and load the vehicle. In this blog post, we will talk about the process that is used to safely load and unload a car on a tow truck.

The Weight Ratings

Guessing numbers and ratings is never advised if you want to safely tow a vehicle. The towing professional needs to know various ratings in order to choose which truck to use for your car. They need to know the weight ratings to make sure that their tow truck is capable of carrying and transporting your vehicle. Here are a few things a professional tow truck driver should know: Gross Combination Weight Rating: It is the maximum weight of the tow truck plus the weight of anything it is carrying such as passengers, fuel, the trailer and equipment. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: This is the total weight limit of the entire vehicle. This includes the weight of the vehicle to be towed, passenger, cargo and other accessories. Gross Axle Weight Rating: The gross excel weight tells the weight that a single axle is capable of holding safely. Tongue Weight: The tongue weight is the entire weight of the trailer that is supported by the trailer’s hitch. This weight should only be around 10% of the total trailer weight. If the tongue weight is more than the mentioned limit then it will become difficult to safely steer the tow truck. Tow Truck Towing Capacity: Every tow truck has a towing capacity that is the total weight that the truck can carry.

Flatbed Preparation

Towing professionals don’t just place your car on a flatbed but first prepare the flatbed before towing a vehicle on it. Professional flatbed tow truck drivers first closely examine the truck to look for any corrosion or damage. In addition to this, they also inspect the tire pressure of the flatbed tow truck and the attachment of the flatbed trailer. To ensure the safe towing of your vehicle the flatbed truck deck should be levelled and the lock pins should be in good condition. Hence professional towing companies prepare their tow trucks before towing any vehicle to guarantee safe and secure towing.

Proper Unloading Of The Vehicle

Unloading the vehicle is just as important as loading it, and if it is not done properly it can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. Professional towing companies use all the available machinery that is needed to safely unload the vehicle. If the car is totaled then the towing company will use a crane to safely unload your vehicle.

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Safety Tips For Towing Your Vehicle

Safety Tips For Towing Your Vehicle Have you ever had your car breakdown in the middle of nowhere? In situations like these, your first natural instinct may be to try a bunch of different techniques like jump-starting the battery, checking the spark plugs and checking the battery connections. However, such actions seldom work especially if you don’t have prior experience. So the last option you are left with is to tow your car or get it towed from professional hauling service. Getting your car towed by an experienced tow truck company or pickup trailer is the safest option but if you find yourself stranded in a remote location where it is difficult to arrange a pickup trailer, you might end up having to take the services of an inexperienced company. Unusual incidents like this can happen at any time so it is best to be prepared. In this blog, we have discussed some pointers that can help you safely tow your vehicle.

Knowledge About Your Vehicle

Every job requires the use of certain tools and expertise for completion. Before you perform any towing task it is important that you read your car’s manual to check the tow rating of your car. Normally sport utility vehicles and large trailers have tow hitches pre-installed but unfortunately they are excluded in normal passenger cars. You should know whether the car you are towing is a two-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle and check its engine transmission.

Crucial Aspects You Should Consider

First, make sure your towing vehicle is big enough to tow the towing vehicle so that it can easily accelerate, decelerate and can perform engine brakes. Secondly, make sure nobody is sitting in the car that is being towed except for someone on the driver seat to position the car on the road and hit the brakes when needed. Shift the gear of the car being towed to neutral and turn on the ignition switch to prevent the auto-locking feature. If you are towing a vehicle at night or during hazy weather turn on the hazard lights of the car being hauled to alert other fellow drivers.

Towing A Car With A Tow Strap

This is not the safest method to pull a car to your desired destination. But you can use this method to cover short distances. Don’t use any old chain or weak rope for this purpose. Use a proper tow rope that has a length of at least 4-5 metres so that the car being tugged will have sufficient time to stop. Make sure that the tow strap is not delicate, old or damaged. If the strap is damaged it won’t be capable of bearing the load and may cause serious implications for others travelling on road. Most tow straps come with an (on tow) indication which needs to be displayed on the rear of the car.

Use Of Tow Dolly To Pull Vehicle

Various methods are used to tow the cars. One popular method is the use of a mini trailer-like structure called a tow dolly. In this method, the front wheels of the vehicle are elevated above the ground and are fixed on a dolly whereas the rear wheels are continuously in contact with the ground. Normally it is considered good for cars to have a front-wheel-drive option but effective transport depends on the weight, size and wheelbase of your car.

Utilizing Tow Bars

The most common method used to carry a vehicle is by using tow bars. There are two variations, RV mounted, which is a tow bar that is inserted into a trailer hitch, and A-frame trailer which connects to a trailer hitch via a coupler. A coupler fits safely and pivots on the tow vehicles’ tie ball to ensure safe connection.

Hiring A Tow Trailer

Pulling a vehicle requires certain skills and experience. Professional towing companies hire and train staff to prevent your car from being further damaged. So employing a towing trailer is by far the safest option to tow a car. The vehicle is overhauled inside the trailer and it is hooked.

Important Driving Tips

When on the road there are certain rules and restrictions you must follow. When towing a car you need to be even more attentive as a slight blunder can result in serious injury to others on the road. Drive slower as the additional pressure on your vehicle will curtail the braking system of your car. Avoid immediate braking when pulling a vehicle with your car. Keep an eye on the road and beware of other drivers and use proper turn signals. To ensure security check the quality of your tires before starting your journey.

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At Ontario Towing, we offer reliable and expert roadside assistance services to our customers in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information on our services. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario Towing stands out with its premium towing, car lockout, and expert roadside services. From mobile tire assistance to long-distance towing, they cater diligently to Ottawa and its neighboring locales.

4 Things You Need To Know About Mobile Tire Service

Image Dealing with a flat tire can be annoying. It can be even more troublesome when you are heading out for an important task and find out that your tire is punctured. It is quite stressful when you have to tow your car to a nearby gas station or ask a passerby to come and help you. Even though dealing with a flat tire can be very frustrating, it’s important to be aware of mobile tire repair companies and the services they offer. These companies can come right to your breakdown location and change or repair your tire(s) right on the spot. Ontario Towing is happy to help its customers by providing efficient mobile tire services. We arrive at your location at the earliest possible time to change your tires right away. Here’s what you should know about our mobile tire services.

What Is Mobile Tire Service?

Mobile tire service involves changing your flat tires at your location. You don’t have to go to a nearby gas station as our professionals will come to you and change your tire for you. A good thing about this service is that it can provide your flat tire a quick fix anywhere. Whether it is at home, in your office parking lot, on the highway, or the side of the road, mobile tire service helps you get you out of a tough situation and back on the road in a matter of minutes. Mobile tire services involve tire installation services and tire replacement.

What Are The Services Included In Mobile Tire Service?

Mobile tire services not only include tire replacement but also the following services:
  • Flat tire repair
  • Tire mounting and balancing
  • Tire rotation setting
  • TPMS setting
  • Valve stem replacement

Benefits Of Ontario Towing Mobile Tire Service

Ontario Towing provides leading mobile tire services across Ottawa and surrounding areas. Our services have benefitted our customers in the following ways:

Fast Service

Ontario Towing is known among its customers for providing fast and efficient tire repair services. Our customers call us and we do our best to reach them as quickly as possible. Our goal is to reach you in a matter of minutes and have you back on the road in no time.

Provide A Cost-Effective Solution

Many people think that mobile tire service is expensive. However, this is just a myth. Ontario Towing is a cost-effective solution for providing you with on-the-spot tire services. Moreover, we help you avoid fraudulent mechanics who may charge you for car problems that don’t even exist.

Better Your Productivity

Most service stations where you go to replace your tires are too busy to handle your problem. You may potentially have long wait times.. Mobile tire services provide better results and reduce downtime.

24 Hour Service

An amazing benefit of mobile tire service is that you can call them any time of the day. This is helpful when you are heading on the highway and find no help in case of a flat tire.

Stay Clean

Our professionals are here to take care and do the job for you. Tire changing is a dirty job, and your clothes and hands can become dirty during the process. Ontario Towing professionals will keep you clean and away from this job and change your tire with full dedication.

What Should You Look For In Mobile Tire Service?

Each tire service company provides its own set of services. However, there are some points you must look for when looking for a good mobile tire service company near you. Some of these points are:
  • Which area or locations do they cover?
  • How much do they cost?
  • Do they have advanced equipment?
  • Is their staff experienced?
  • How good is their customer service?
  • Do they have contact numbers?
  • Have they mentioned their customer reviews online?
Finding the right mobile tire service in time of need can be hard. That’s why Ontario Towing is here to cater to your vehicle problems and provide you fast and efficient roadside vehicle services when in need. Contact us today for more information. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario Towing excels in premium towing, swift car lockout interventions, and robust roadside services. Their comprehensive range, inclusive of on-the-spot tire aid and extensive towing capabilities, serves Ottawa and its neighboring territories adeptly.

Common Reasons For A Flat Tire And How You Can Avoid Them

Common Reasons For A Flat Tire And How You Can Avoid Them Most of us have experienced a car blowout or a flat tire at some point in our lives. A vehicle blowout is a highly unfortunate event that no one would ever want to deal with. It can happen to you in the middle of the road anywhere, at any time. When it happens, call an emergency mobile tire service for immediate assistance. Although there’s no guaranteed method to prevent a vehicle tire burst; still, it’s essential to know about the possible causes of an automobile blowout. The following are some of the common reasons for a flat tire that might help you avoid this issue in the future:

Incorrect Tire Pressure

Having the proper tire pressure level is vital to ensure safe vehicle travel. In the case of improper tire inflation, your car is at constant risk of possible tire damage, resulting in a potentially serious injury to you and your loved ones. If you do not check or maintain your automobile’s tire pressure regularly, the chances are that sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with a flat tire. Both under-inflation and over-inflation of a tire are potentially dangerous for your wellbeing. In the former case, your tire’s contact patch might flatten out and become extended, accelerating tire wear and tear. Excessive tire inflation can also distort your tire’s shape, resulting in reduced traction and increased tire wear at its center. The best way to deal with this issue is to get your vehicle tires inspected for proper pressure via certified mechanics regularly or as a part of a routine maintenance plan. When dealing with a flat tire scenario, you should call a reliable mobile tire change service to replace your tire right away.

Valve Stem Leakage

A damaged or leaking valve stem is one of the major causes of a car blowout. If there are no apparent signs of a tire puncture, inspect your tire’s valve stem for possible air leakage. Valve stems deteriorate over time, leading to air leakage. When visiting a nearby car station for regular vehicle maintenance, ask your mechanic to inspect the condition of the tire’s valve stem thoroughly. If it’s old, worn out, or too dirty, they should replace it with a new one to prevent tire leakage. Always contact a 24-hour mobile tire repair service to help you get back on your journey with an accurate and timely tire repair or replacement.

Temperature Changes

Frequent temperature changes also result in a gradual increase or decrease of tire pressure. Generally, vehicle tires tend to lose air pressure during winter and gain additional pressure during summer. The majority of vehicle blowouts usually happen due to increased temperatures; air present in your tires can expand, which could enhance the air pressure, resulting in a possible flat tire. As both under-inflated and over-inflated tires are not safe, it’s essential to check your tires’ air pressure levels, especially during summer. Always keep an expert mobile tire service provider near you on speed dial to deal with a potential flat tire situation at any time.

Other Causes

Other reasons for possible car blowouts might include poor road conditions and roadside hazards, including sharp objects, like nails, bolts, and glass and metal pieces. Overall, frequent tire maintenance is the best way to prevent flat tire situations. When you’re facing a flat tire problem, you must contact a nearby roadside assistance company to resolve the issue.

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