How To Safely Load And Unload A Car On A Tow Truck Towing a vehicle may seem easy but it is actually a very difficult and challenging task. It often appears simple because of the powerful and huge tow trucks that most towing companies use but the real task is to safely load the vehicle on the tow truck without damaging the vehicle. Towing can quickly turn into a dangerous task especially if you are not working with a professional towing company. Just like others, you would never want your vehicle to get damaged during the process of loading, and you will also not want to hurt yourself while your car is being unloaded or towed. Towing another vehicle or a huge object is not something that everyone can do and therefore should be left in the hands of professional towing companies. This is because professional towing companies have skilled and experienced workers who are trained to follow safety measures while towing vehicles. Also Read: Safety Tips For Towing Your Vehicle But you may wonder how exactly they safely unload and load the vehicle. In this blog post, we will talk about the process that is used to safely load and unload a car on a tow truck.

The Weight Ratings

Guessing numbers and ratings is never advised if you want to safely tow a vehicle. The towing professional needs to know various ratings in order to choose which truck to use for your car. They need to know the weight ratings to make sure that their tow truck is capable of carrying and transporting your vehicle. Here are a few things a professional tow truck driver should know: Gross Combination Weight Rating: It is the maximum weight of the tow truck plus the weight of anything it is carrying such as passengers, fuel, the trailer and equipment. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: This is the total weight limit of the entire vehicle. This includes the weight of the vehicle to be towed, passenger, cargo and other accessories. Gross Axle Weight Rating: The gross excel weight tells the weight that a single axle is capable of holding safely. Tongue Weight: The tongue weight is the entire weight of the trailer that is supported by the trailer’s hitch. This weight should only be around 10% of the total trailer weight. If the tongue weight is more than the mentioned limit then it will become difficult to safely steer the tow truck. Tow Truck Towing Capacity: Every tow truck has a towing capacity that is the total weight that the truck can carry.

Flatbed Preparation

Towing professionals don’t just place your car on a flatbed but first prepare the flatbed before towing a vehicle on it. Professional flatbed tow truck drivers first closely examine the truck to look for any corrosion or damage. In addition to this, they also inspect the tire pressure of the flatbed tow truck and the attachment of the flatbed trailer. To ensure the safe towing of your vehicle the flatbed truck deck should be levelled and the lock pins should be in good condition. Hence professional towing companies prepare their tow trucks before towing any vehicle to guarantee safe and secure towing.

Proper Unloading Of The Vehicle

Unloading the vehicle is just as important as loading it, and if it is not done properly it can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. Professional towing companies use all the available machinery that is needed to safely unload the vehicle. If the car is totaled then the towing company will use a crane to safely unload your vehicle.

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