Tips To Ready Your Motorcycle For Riding If you are a rider then it’s time that you relive your passion for motorcycle riding. The joy of biking across curvy roads on a two-wheeler is unmatchable. But before you get on the road and start your ride there are a few things you should take care of. While the excitement of bringing your motorcycle out of your garage and on the road is running high there are a few things you need to do in order to ready your motorcycle for a smooth riding experience. It is important that you prepare your bike for every season, preparing your bike for the ride will help ensure your safety. If you and your motorcycle are not fully ready for riding, you may run into problems with your motorbike and end up having to wait for roadside assistance. So, to avoid any of this from happening it is important that you follow some of these tips to ready your bike for riding. In this blog post, we outline some of the tips that will help you prepare your bike for riding.

Clean Your Bike

Cleaning your dirt-ridden motorcycle is the first step in getting it ready for a ride. As your motorcycle has been hibernating in your garage for months it should be a necessary ritual for you to clean it before riding it again for the season. Cleaning your motorcycle will not only embellish your ride but will also help you detect wear and tear, any loose bolts and nuts, and any potential damage. Before you start your ride, remove all the blocks or covers you have placed on your bike. Then lower your bike on one stand and dust off all the grime and dust from the windshield and fairings, now wash away all the protective sprays and coating you have applied to protect your motorcycle. Take a close look inside the exhaust pipes and airbox to ensure that no critters are hanging out down there. Lastly, carefully wipe down the motorbike’s frame, rims, brake rotors, and chains to remove all the rust and corrosion from your bike.

Check The Fuel System

Your fuel system can make or break your ride. When your bike is left standing in your garage for an extended period its fuel filter weakens so you must check the fuel system of your bike before running the engine. Hence you need to examine the fuel tank, fuel lines, and fittings for leaks and cracks and replace the fuel filter. Your fuel will be in a good condition if you use a fuel stabilizer, but make sure that you check for gunk and stratification by opening the filler cap. If your fuel is in good condition you can move to the next step, but if not then you will have to drain the tank and its fuel lines before starting the engine. It is also important that you clean and check your bike’s carburetor. Add a fuel system cleaner the next few times you fill your tank.

Change The Engine Oil

Many motorcycle experts believe that you should change your bike’s engine oil and filter before storing and after taking it out of storage. It is important to change your bike’s engine oil after storage because during the long months of standing in the garage, oil separation can cause condensation build-up harming your automobile. Therefore your bike must be well oiled before riding.

Check The Tires

Once your bike looks pristine it’s time that you take a moment and closely inspect the tires of your motorcycle. Your bike has been standing in your garage for so many months putting all its weight on its tires, this leads to flat spots and stress marks. It is important that you inspect the tires and change them if it’s necessary. Riding with overinflated, under-inflated, or damaged tires can lead to horrible accidents. Hence it is important that you first do a visual inspection of your motorbike’s tires to detect any punctures, cracks, and bulges and then check the tire’s pressure by using a pressure gauge to ensure that the tires are in good riding condition.

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