Disadvantages Of Using Common Tricks To Unlock Your Car People can sometimes forget to take their keys out of their ignition and get locked out of their vehicle. Especially when you are running late for something, your focus is on reaching your destination in time, and the thought of taking your key with you escapes your mind. Having your car locked with the keys inside can be a frustrating sight, but on a stranded highway at night, especially when alone, can be extremely dangerous. A car lock-out can be inconvenient and embarrassing if you do not know what to do next. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you must contact a local professional car lock-out service such as Ontario Towing. People often try to unlock their cars using a few common workarounds. However, such methods can damage your car. Therefore, it is best to leave this job to the experts of a 24/7 lockout service provider. Read this post to learn more about some of the self-attempt methods that can damage your car. In addition, it will help you understand why you should always call professional lockout services for assistance.

Using A Shoestring

You can use a shoestring to help you get out of a car lock-out situation. It works by forming a loop with a shoestring, pushing this loop in our car door, and wrapping it around the lock. Then, by pulling up the string, you might be able to unlock your car. You might hear people say it is a free and easy way to unlock any car in less than 10 seconds, but this is not true. Using this method can help you open the lock of an old car with a pull-up. But, even then, the process can be long and tiresome, and success is not guaranteed without practice. Furthermore, with more modern cars having automatic locks and those on the inner side of the car door, this trick won’t work.

Using A Wire Hanger

You might have seen a person try to use a wire hanger on their car door and thought about what they were trying to do. To answer your question, that person was trying to unlock their car door using a wire hanger. It is a common trick that people sometimes use, mostly car thieves, to unlock a door. However, this seemingly simple method has a major drawback: a wire hanger can damage your car’s rubber. The rubber is there to ensure that your car door stays closed. So, any damage such as an attempt to open up the door using a wire means that you will have to replace it. Thus, using a wire hanger is not time-efficient and will add to your physical and financial loss.

Using A Rod & A Screwdriver

Some people may try to unlock their car door by using a rod and a screwdriver. You can try to insert a screwdriver between the door area to create some space. Next, you can try to insert the rod into your car and open the lock. But, this method can cause serious damage to your car’s interior and exterior. It damages the rubber cladding and your paintwork, which can be costly.

Why Should You Call A Professional?

  • They have sufficient experience and skills
  • They are reliable and have the right tools
  • They are honest about their service costs
  • They are insured and licensed
  • Gives you peace of mind
So, if you ever lock yourself out of your car, enlist the help of a professional car lockout service. Doing so will ensure that no damage is done to your car’s rubber and interior.

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