5 Common Reasons Your Car Is Not Starting And Ways To Fix Them You get in your car hurriedly because you are late to get somewhere. You turn your keys only to discover that your car is not starting. This can be quite a frustrating situation when you want to go somewhere but can’t. It is even worse when you are far from your home, or somewhere in the middle of the road. There can be many reasons why your car won’t start. This blog post will address those issues and guide you on how you can fix them. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you can always contact Ontario Towing. We provide 24 hours roadside emergency service along with other useful services to help you with your vehicle problems.

Faulty/Dead Battery

One of the most common reasons why your car may not start may be due to a faulty battery. Common signs of a dead battery are that none of the electrical components will work or the cars indicator will come on showing a battery sign. Some of the common reasons behind a dead battery are:
  • Corroded battery connection
  • Old battery
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Headlights where left on
  • The battery’s lifespan is expired
  • Parasitic drains
To fix it, you will need to jumpstart your car. Calling your nearest vehicle assistance service provider can help you jumpstart your car. If the jumpstarting technique works, you are most likely dealing with a dead battery.

Empty Gas Tank

Cars can run out of gas. Running out of fuel can be stressful, especially when on a busy road with lots of oncoming traffic. In case of an empty gas tank, pull your vehicle off to the side of the road to avoid disturbing the traffic flow. If you find yourself in such a situation and the nearest gas station is far away, call for a fuel delivery service and have it brought to your location.

Failed Timing Belt

The timing belt is an important component of your engine. It helps run the pistons and valves in your vehicle. When a timing belt breaks, your car will no longer run and you will have to pull your car to the side. Changing the timing belt will require you to call a professional mechanic to come and fix it for you. Typically, timing belts need to be replaced every 60,000-100,000 miles.

Clogged Filters

Clogged fuel filters are another reason why your car may not start. Fuel filters are responsible for flowing clear fuel to your engine parts. It prevents dust and debris from getting in. Clogged filters can’t filter oil properly and choke fuel lines. Ask your mechanic to clean your fuel filters. Moreover, keep your filters clean and replace them every 12 months or after every 12,000 miles.

Faulty Starter

A vehicle’s starter runs the engine and is used to rotate the internal combustion engine. It sets the piston crankshaft in motion. With a faulty starter, your engine won’t crank properly or won’t crank at all. If upon turning your keys, you hear a clicking noise; it is because of a faulty starter. Check your car’s starter solenoid and battery terminals. You can also jumpstart your car or test your battery to see if it works properly. Other Reasons Your Car Won’t Start:
  • Bad ignition switch
  • Corroded battery
  • A failed fuel pump

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