Are you stuck and out of luck? Maybe in a ditch, mired in a mud, sand or snow bank? Ontario Towing has you covered with day and night services any day of the year. With reliable winching, we will get your car back to safety in no time. When unsure what kind of situation requires winching, don’t be afraid to ask. Winching is typically needed when you are stuck in a roadside area that is hard to access. No matter the reason for your call, our towing experts are prepared to get you back to safety and ensure that your vehicle is ready to get back on the road.

Leaving your car on the side of the road in a no parking zone, regardless of vehicle issues, can result in a multitude of fines and you risk a suspended license and a loss of demerit point if fined by the OPP, which then results in an increase on your insurance rates. This can be quite costly and have you stuck in more situations than previously expected. This is why Ontario Towing is here to help you avoid such situations, providing winch out services to get you out of your predicament.

Winch outs differ from your average tow, as it reaches tighter areas that may not allow our trucks to back up enough to get your vehicle back to safety. While not all companies offer winch out services, our fleet of trucks and experienced drivers are fully equipped to provide you with a quick and affordable service with any necessary equipment required.

Please be advised, when calling Ontario Towing to report your accident, be sure to give as much information as you can. This includes the location of your vehicle, the current road conditions that could have led to the problem, how far away from a level road surface your car is, and the type of angle the vehicle is resting if any. The more information provided, the better we will be prepared when attending to your vehicle. The weight of your car can attribute to the equipment needed, but if unsure, the make and model of the vehicle is more than enough for us to make an informed decision on the right size of the truck, and proper equipment for your winch out service.


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