Whether it’s a single-vehicle crash, multi-vehicle collision, or any other traffic accident, vehicle collision is a huge matter of concern in Ottawa. Fortunately, Ontario Towing is here to help you with various auto collision emergencies by offering fast, reliable, and affordable vehicle collision towing services across Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Motor vehicle accidents are among the most significant traumas experienced by Ottawa citizens. At Ontario Towing Service, we aim to help when you have to undergo such a shocking event suddenly. All that matters is you and your loved ones’ safety when you’re in a traffic accident.

We understand that each incident is unique, requiring different skill-sets and measures to solve traffic collision issues. We have a fair pricing policy for our customers who don't want to go through the insurance route. We ensure client satisfaction to its fullest. Once someone contacts us after an accident, we call their insurance company to find out their preferred garages are repair shops and directly tow their desired locations.

Many towing companies in Ottawa take their clients’ vehicles to their storage yards and hold them for weeks to make 60$ a day, then release them to another towing company sent by the insurance provider to have it towed to the repair shop. We guarantee that we won't tow your car to any tow yards for extra payment. Our goal is to get your vehicle to your insurance provider's desired repair shop as quickly as possible.

Call us at any time to benefit from our 24/7 vehicle collision accident solutions. We offer customized price quotes to our clients and charge them for the service provided, without any hidden expenses.


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