Got a heavy load collecting dust in your garage or driveway? Ontario Towing can provide trailers for scrap vehicles at any time of the day or night, year-round. Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, we can provide a quick and easy pickup. We use environmentally friendly means to discard any vehicle or parts that have been sitting there for as long as you can remember. We do as much as we can, when we can, to preserve the environment in order to make the earth a better place for our future.

Don’t be afraid to give us a call at any time for a quote, we are more than happy to help you scrap your vehicle, no matter its condition. Whether it’s in a ditch or had been involved in a car crash resulting in its wreck, we will salvage as much as we can from your vehicle to use for repurposing.

No need to stress if you are unable to bring it to us, we have a fleet of trucks ready to come to your location in Ottawa and surrounding areas and take care of your scarps. If you don’t need it towed, and you're just looking to take the load off your hands, give us a call and you can bring it straight to us yourself.


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