Ontario Towing offers more than heavy-duty towing services. We take care of light and medium towing when need be. Light duty towing is used when removing abandoned vehicles, making recoveries from accidents and traffic collisions, private property towing and so much more. This service is commonly used when towing small vehicles, such as cars, minivans, or small trucks.

Is your vehicle larger than a minivan and smaller than a log truck? Ontario Towing has you covered with medium duty towing, covering vehicles ranging from vans and box trucks to motorhomes and RVs. Our fleet of trucks are equipped and experienced to handle a wide variety of automatic or low-profile trailers that are available for the towing of your vehicle, worry-free.

Ontario Towing provides a fleet of experienced operators with a great deal of knowledge on every truck we have in our fleet. This is extremely important to ensure the safety of the vehicle, as to not cause more damage than has already been done. When informing us of your towing needs, ensure that you are advising us on the make and model of your vehicle in order to make an informed decision about which truck we should send your way to make a safe recovery and eliminating the risk of further damage to your vehicle.


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