We all get into fender benders, but the worst thing to do is not be prepared. Next time you’re stuck in water, have flipped your vehicle or even if you drove into an inanimate object that resulted in the damage of your vehicle, Ontario Towing is equipment ready, thoroughly trained and experienced to get your car to safety.

When it comes to accidents, it’s hard to find a towing company that it is compatible with your insurance. But no need to worry about that anymore as Ontario Towing has a good standing with any insurance company that comes our way.

Ontario Towing has experienced and highly trained experts to assist you with your vehicle recovery in the events that you’ve been in a car accident and your vehicle is no longer safe to drive. Due to the short response time, safe towing method and excellent customer service, we have become highly recommended by countless insurance companies.

The safety of your vehicle is our number one priority. Put the safety of your vehicle in the right hands, the response time of competing towing companies can lack punctuality and increase their insurance payouts, don’t be afraid to give us a call! Ontario Towing has your best interest at heart, ready to lend a helping hand day or night, year-round. Although we do provide towing services, dispatch and impound services, we have many other services that can come in handy when you need it. Our friendly staff, honest business practices and our flexible hours are ready to take on anything that comes our way.


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