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A: Please don’t worry; it’s a common problem which can happen to anyone. We unlock all types of models damage free as it never occurred so that you can be back on your way as soon as possible.
A: Local vendor or auto locksmith can cut and program new key for your vehicle with the help of VIN number. Vehicle ought to be towed to the place of your choice; ownership proof has to be submitted. All this come under one roof in the name of Ontario Towing.
A: The answer is No. Any type of tow truck with the proper equipment and a veteran tow operator can tow your vehicle safely.
A: We offer long distance towing that covers from Toronto GTA to Montreal upon request, for longer distances most people would rather to ship their vehicle then drive for a long distance, we recommend our most trusted transporting company to handle any shipping request MVS Canada
A: We would be honoured if you can wait for one of our tow trucks to arrive shortly. As soon as your request reaches us, we dispatch our trucks to your location within no time so as to insure fast response time to our clients. If for any practical reason you opt to go ahead with the other company, please ask for the towing cost so as to protect yourself. We also urge you to please inform us for the cancellation of service as soon as possible.
A: None can tow your vehicle without your agreement, do not let anyone take advantage of the situation, in fact you can notify the officer on seen you would rather contact your preferred towing provider to service you.
A: No, a towing company cannot tow a parked vehicle without authorization, you need to contact the City of Ottawa at 3-1-1, to advise you on your next step.

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Car lockout service & dead battery replacement.